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Winton Harness Racing Club Inc

Meeting: Trials Meeting (Day 1) at Central Southland Raceway, Winton
Last updated 17/05/2024 at 18:17 pm
Please note Trial and Workout videos are uploaded as soon as they are made available to HRNZ.
Race Number:
Race 1
Time Required:


Distance: 2400m   Weather: Overcast  Track: Good  
Participants for Race 1: QUALIFYING TROT.
12JAY BEE HILL2fr3-17.23-17.2B C WallaceBruce Wallace
21Jaccka Ace1fr3-23.43-23.4B R GrayBrett Gray
33Society Max3fr3-32.43-32.4K F FranksKelvin Franks
31 lengths, 45 lengths
Mile Rate: 2-12.2 Last 800m: 64.9 Last 400m: 31.8

Qualifiers Breedings:

Bruce Wallace, Chatton
B C Wallace, Mrs F M Wallace, M J Mouat, Mrs J F Mouat
B C Wallace,Mrs F M Wallace
Race Number:
Race 2
Time Required:


Distance: 2400m   Weather: Overcast  Track: Good  
Participants for Race 2: QUALIFYING MOBILE PACE.
15AJUSTABULL2fr3-03.83-03.8K L GreenKirstin Green
24HOGIE1fr3-05.83-05.8B G BarclayTony Stratford
10 lengths
Mile Rate: 2-03.2 Last 800m: 60.0 Last 400m: 29.3

Qualifiers Breedings:

2019 4 Br h Raging Bull - Justa Charm
Kirstin Green, Tisbury
W D Keeler, Mrs R W Keeler, M J Swain
W D Keeler,Mrs R W Keeler
2018 5 B g He's Watching - Serene Abbey
Tony Stratford, Gore
M J Williams
T J Hogan,M J Hogan
Race Number:
Race 3
Time Required:


Distance: 1609m   Weather: Overcast  Track: Good  
Participants for Race 3: 2YO MOBILE PACE.
110Hammer Down5fr2-01.42-01.4O A Kite (J)Nathan Williamson
29ARETHA4fr2-01.82-01.8B G BarclayBrent McIntyre
37GINERVA2fr2-02.12-02.1K L GreenWayne McEwan
46ALWAYS BE BOOTIE1fr2-02.52-02.5John C BennettWayne McEwan
58ALI AVA3fr2-03.72-03.7K N LarsenKirk Larsen
2 1/4 lengths, 1 1/2 lengths, 2 lengths
Mile Rate: 2-01.4 Last 800m: 58.6 Last 400m: 29.4

Qualifiers Breedings:

2021 2 B f Fear The Dragon - Zoetica
Brent McIntyre, Riversdale
Macca Lodge Limited
Macca Lodge Limited
Wayne McEwan, Te Anau
B J Taylor, Mrs N A Taylor
B J Taylor,Mrs N A Taylor
Wayne McEwan, Te Anau
Some Mothers Do Havem Syndicate
Est M E Fowle
2021 2 B f Art Major - Bettor See Me
Kirk Larsen, Branxholme
Home @ Half Past Syndicate
L J Smith,M E Smith
Runner Index
Ajustabull -  Race 2
Ali Ava -  Race 3
Always Be Bootie -  Race 3
Aretha -  Race 3
Ginerva -  Race 3
Hammer Down -  Race 3
Hogie -  Race 2
Jaccka Ace -  Race 1
Jay Bee Hill -  Race 1
Society Max -  Race 1