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NZ Sires' Stakes 2YO Final (Group 1)

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Run by Franklin TC at Alexandra Park until 1993
Year Month Distance Horse Owner Driver Time
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2023 Nov 1980m Chase A Dream Studholme Bloodstock Limited, Mrs C A Gimblett, Mrs G Borlase, Miss K M Gimblett Olivia Thornley 2-22.1
2022 Nov 1980m Don't Stop Dreaming I D Dobson, D M Dunford, M D Dunford Mark Purdon 2-19.8
2021 May 1980m Akuta Cullen Breeding Limited, Mark Purdon Natalie Rasmussen 2-21.8
2020 Sep 1700m American Dealer M J Hanover, G L Banks David Butcher 2-00.9
2019 May 1980m One Change Allstars Racing Stables Limited, M R Woodlock, T G Casey Natalie Rasmussen 2-19.6
2018 May 1950m Jesse Duke Mrs J L Feiss, W R Feiss Mark Purdon 2-20.0
2017 May 1950m Spankem Mrs G J Kennard, P I Kennard, Breckon Racing Syndicate, J A Gibbs MNZM, Mrs A Gibbs, G A Woodham, Mrs K J Woodham Mark Purdon 2-18.5
2016 May 1950m More The Better Mark Purdon, R C Purdon MBE, D R Levene OBE Mark Purdon 2-22.9
2015 May 1950m Chase The Dream Mrs J L Feiss Natalie Rasmussen 2-25.8
2014 May 1950m Hug The Wind A J Parker, Mrs P R A Parker, J A Gibbs MNZM, Mrs A Gibbs, K Warneford Mark Purdon 2-21.6
2013 May 1950m Maxim Mrs K J Purdon, T G Casey, Clear View Racing No 4 Syndicate, J Lohman, T F Henderson, The Anzac Racing Syndicate Zachary Butcher 2-23.9
2012 May 1950m Five Card Draw Mrs K J Purdon, T A Cooke, Mrs C Nausbaum, A Dormer Brent Mangos 2-26.6
2011 May 1950m Lets Elope Mrs A F Cooney, P J Haslam, W H Outtrim Frank Cooney 2-21.9
2010 May 1950m Major Mark Mrs G J Kennard, P I Kennard, Neil Pilcher, G R Douglas, P J Creighton Mark Purdon 2-22.1
2009 May 1950m Smiling Shard Mrs C M Dalgety, A J Rooney, A R Vernel, P M Gorman Dexter Dunn 2-21.7
2008 May 1950m Tintin In America ATC Trot 2008 Syndicate David Butcher 2-20.5
2007 May 1950m Fiery Falcon Ms M M Wilson, Sir Roy McKenzie, Rona McKay, P I Kennard, Mrs G J Kennard, Clive McKay Colin DeFilippi 2-23.2
2006 May 1950m Gotta Go Cullen Mrs S J Martin, N Guida, Mrs A Guida Nicole Molander 2-25.0
May 1950m Fergiemack The Royalmarie Breeding Syndicate Tony Herlihy 2-25.0
2005 May 1950m Ambro The Thug K Warneford David Butcher 2-23.4
2004 May 1950m Marika M L Payne, Mrs J I Payne Ricky May 2-23.3
2003 May 1950m Likmesiah Met Two Syndicate David Butt 2-21.3
2002 May 1950m Light And Sound J H Seaton, Mrs A M Seaton, T R Vince, Miss J S Browne Mark Purdon 2-24.8
2001 May 1950m Sly Flyin G W Brodie Colin DeFilippi 2-26.7
2000 May 1950m Matai Mackenzie A.T.C. Trot 2000 Syndicate Tony Herlihy 2-25.8
1999 May 1950m Mr Metallica A E Wallis, A J Porter David Butcher 2-25.2
1998 May 2000m Courage Under Fire G W Brodie Colin DeFilippi 2-28.6
1997 May 2000m Sweet Talking Man N Brady, Mrs S J Martin Neil Brady 2-25.7
1996 May 2000m Anvil Gale G H Beirne, Mrs W M Gale Peter Ferguson 2-30.7
1995 May 2000m The Court Owl W G Kitcher, G W Hutchison Mark Purdon 2-28.4
1994 May 2000m Il Vicolo J H Seaton, Mark Purdon Mark Purdon 2-32.5
1993 May 1609m Motoring Magic C B J Hadley, G H R Haworth, Mrs D M Hadley Maurice McKendry 1-58.1
1992 May 1609m Montana Vance J B Hart, Mrs K J Purdon, J B Ede, D H Sixton Tony Herlihy 1-57.6
1991 May 1609m Chokin Pacers Australia Syndications Pty Ltd Tony Herlihy 1-56.5
1990 May 1609m Stands To Reason B J Fahy, Mrs B A Fahy Alex Milne 1-59.5
1989 May 1609m Honkin Vision V L Devery, Mrs D L Devery Henry Skinner 1-58.2
1988 May 1609m Hammer S M Elliffe, M D Habgood, A B McCollam Maurice McKendry 2-00.1
1987 May 1609m Tuapeka Knight The Horseplayers Syndicate John Hay 1-58.0
1986 May 1609m Bionic Chance A L Kerslake, Mrs B Kerslake, F Woolley Patrick O'Reilly 1-58.7
1985 May 1609m Trident B A O'Meara, G J Walker, J I Douglas Peter Wolfenden 2-08.0
1984 May 1609m Billbob M L Harvey Peter Wolfenden 2-02.2