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Manukau Summer Cup (Group 3)

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Year Month Distance Horse Hcap Owner Driver Time
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2018 Dec 2200m Ashley Locaz 10m P J Van Beek, Mrs J L Van Beek, J H Van Beek, Mrs L I Van Beek Tim Williams 2-42.8
2017 Dec 2200m Star Galleria Fr R N Caldow, S J Reid, J A Screen, Mrs T C Screen Zachary Butcher 2-42.8
2016 Dec 2200m Titan Banner G J Anderson, D P McHugh, J W Cheesman, Mrs J A O'Connor, Mrs P P Gillan, Mrs Ann Blakely Natalie Rasmussen 2-38.8
2015 Dec 2200m Hughie Green J P Green, Mrs P C Green, Mrs M E Green Maurice McKendry 2-41.6
2014 Dec 2200m Gold Ace D G Moore, D D Syndicate, M Ng, S J Reid Todd Mitchell 2-42.7
2013 Dec 2200m Pembrook Benny B Purdon, T F Henderson, J C Higgins, K G Parry, D H Sixton, J B Hart Zachary Butcher 2-43.0
2012 Dec 2200m Pembrook Benny B Purdon, T F Henderson, J C Higgins, K G Parry, D H Sixton, J B Hart Zachary Butcher 2-38.9
2011 Dec 2200m Sir Lincoln Lincoln Farms Bloodstock Ltd Maurice McKendry 2-48.0
2010 Dec 2700m Pembrook Benny B Purdon, T F Henderson, J C Higgins, K G Parry, D H Sixton, J B Hart Tony Herlihy 3-19.5
2009 Dec 2700m Highview Tommy Fr Mrs H van Opzeeland, Mrs G J Kennard, P I Kennard Blair Orange 3-25.9
2008 Dec 2700m Tennis Ball Fr Cavalla Bloodstock Limited Gavin Smith 3-26.6
2007 Dec 2700m Awesome Armbro 10m A.T.C. Trot 2005 Syndicate David Butcher 3-26.5
2006 Dec 2700m Napoleon 25m Robert Reid Syndicate Tony Herlihy 3-27.1
2005 Dec 2700m Innocent Bystander Fr C B Blackwell, J W Dickie Tony Shaw 3-27.9
2004 Dec 2700m Likmesiah Fr Met Two Syndicate Anthony Butt 3-27.1
2002 Dec 2700m Gracious Knight 15m Happy Valley Syndicate Todd Mitchell 3-24.1
2000 Sep 2700m Mandrake 10m B D Hewes James Stormont 3-29.0
1997 Aug 2700m Tyler Foulden 40m All Over Red Rover Syndicate Maurice McKendry 3-27.4
1996 Aug 2700m Perelini Fr K J Ford, R R Gibbons, D B Hooker David Butcher 3-27.0
1995 Aug 2700m Grinaldi 20m B L Calder, Mrs K E Calder, R J McNeill, Mrs E J McNeill Brent Mangos 3-27.6
1994 Aug 2700m Butler's Reward 30m W N Hickey, Mrs G M Smith James Stormont 3-26.8
1993 Aug 2700m Lofty(1989) 10m N M Foster, M D Pivac Frank Cooney 3-27.9
1992 Aug 2700m Kirchdorf 20m D E Laverty Brent Mangos 3-30.1
1991 Aug 2700m Lord Lynbar Fr R G Ainge, B D Kitching, F D Wong, K B Stone Brent Mangos 3-29.1
1990 Aug 2700m The Unicorn 20m W G Robertson, R C Purdon MBE Barry Purdon 3-29.8
1989 Aug 2700m Patiki Chip 10m Mrs R S Page, W G Page Fraser Kirk 3-33.3
1988 Sep 2700m Felk's Hanover 10m C F Hendry Dave Gibbons 3-34.7
1987 Aug 2700m Willy Run Fr R R Reid, Est L F Reid Barry Purdon 3-35.5
1986 Aug 2700m Meddle To Win Fr P V Botica, W L White, Mrs I V Clapp, R C G McDermott Peter Wolfenden 3-37.1
1985 Aug 2700m Skipper Vantar 10m Friends And Neighbours Syndicate Mike Nicholas 3-31.7
1984 Aug 2700m Craig Hanover 10m M A Forde, Mrs S M Forde Graham Reaks 3-34.9
1983 Sep 2700m Galaxy Scott Fr L C Driver, Driver Syndicate Owen Purdon 3-33.4
1982 Sep 2700m Sugar Ray Robinson 30m M M Robinson Max Robinson 3-33.3
1981 Sep 2700m Lemrac(1977) Fr Kenwood Syndicate Garry Smith 3-36.4
1980 Nov 3200m Calm Flight 40m N A Hallmond, J D MacQuibban John MacQuibban 4-18.5
1979 Nov 3200m Elias(1974) Fr S J & Mrs C M Butcher John Butcher 4-24.3