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New Zealand Oaks (Group 1)

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Formerly New Brighton Oaks and conducted by the New Brighton TC 1948 - 1963
Year Month Distance Horse Owner Driver Time
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2023 Dec 2600m Aardiebytheseaside M Tanev Tim Williams 3-13.7
2022 Dec 2600m No Matter Wat Studholme Bloodstock Limited, Michael Purdon Olivia Thornley 3-08.8
2021 May 2600m Bettor Twist Breckon Farms-Take Ten Syndicate Natalie Rasmussen 3-08.9
2019 May 2600m Princess Tiffany B J Whitelock, Mrs C J Whitelock, P J Creighton, Mrs M C Creighton Natalie Rasmussen 3-08.2
2018 May 2600m Shez All Rock C J Ryder Mark Purdon 3-11.0
2017 May 2600m Spanish Armada Mrs J L Feiss Natalie Rasmussen 3-09.1
2016 May 2600m Dream About Me C J Roberts, Est Mrs J L Roberts, P G Kenny, Mrs M L Kenny Mark Purdon 3-11.6
2015 May 2600m Fight For Glory Mrs D C Cournane, D C R Illingworth, Mrs A Gibbs, Mrs L Tucker, G Tate, J R Tate Natalie Rasmussen 3-16.1
2014 May 2600m Ideal Belle Auckland Trotting Club 2012 Syndicate Zachary Butcher 3-11.7
2013 May 2600m Adore Me C J Roberts, P G Kenny, Mrs M L Kenny Mark Purdon 3-11.8
2012 May 2600m Cheer The Lady T F Henderson, Clear View Racing No 2 Syndicate, T Corson, E J Edwards MNZM, K J Riseley, J Lohman Zachary Butcher 3-11.6
2011 May 2600m Carabella Cavalla Bloodstock Limited Ricky May 3-11.7
2010 May 2600m De Lovely Les Girls No 2 Syndicate David Butcher 3-10.9
2009 May 2600m Lauraella Hardwood Breeding Syndicate David Butcher 3-14.8
2008 May 2600m Kiwi Ingenuity H A Scott, Dr K M Lawson, Equine Investments Ltd Robbie Holmes 3-12.8
2007 May 2600m One Dream Mrs J L Smolenski Frank Cooney 3-13.8
2006 May 2600m Western Dream V L Devery, Mrs D L Devery Tony Herlihy 3-18.6
2005 May 2600m Mainland Banner I D Dobson, S J Dobson, Ms Lynne Dobson Ricky May 3-12.0
2004 May 2600m Copper Beach Les Girls No 2 Syndicate David Butcher 3-12.7
2003 May 2600m Pullover Brown C C McLeod, M W Feek, G J Nolan, T J Candy, T J Harris Anthony Butt 3-11.8
2002 May 2600m Elect To Live Mrs S J Martin Neil Brady 3-13.0
2001 May 2600m Shania Patron Mrs I B Holland, J J Holland, B D McLellan, Mrs M J McLellan Ricky May 3-16.8
2000 May 2600m Caps Off T G Casey Colin DeFilippi 3-17.2
1999 May 2600m Classy Filly S J G Williams, L D Cottam Ricky May 3-16.1
1998 May 2600m Under Cover Lover G J Pearson, J M Tulley Anthony Butt 3-15.1
1997 May 2600m Kate's First G H Beirne, P R Bielby Peter Ferguson 3-13.1
1996 May 2600m There's A Franco W J Francis John Hay 3-15.1
1995 May 2600m Iman B Hughes, D H Cudby Maurice McKendry 3-25.2
1994 May 2600m Robyn's Treasure S R Wilson, G A Edgar Ricky May 3-17.6
1993 May 2600m Pacific Flight W G Robertson, R C Purdon MBE Mark Purdon 3-17.9
1992 May 2600m Tigerish L A Turner, Mrs P L Turner James Stormont 3-17.3
1991 May 2600m Smooth Performer O Haines, Mrs I K Haines David Butcher 3-17.5
1990 May 2600m Gypsy Winkle C J Cleine, Mrs Y M Cleine Colin DeFilippi 3-20.6
1989 May 2600m Adina Bebe D L Ashby, Mrs P J Ashby John Hay 3-16.0
1988 May 2600m Julie Vance R R Reid, Est L F Reid Mark Purdon 3-16.8
1987 May 2600m Young Eden K I Milne, R D Hollows Alex Milne 3-16.4
1986 May 2600m Free's Best C L Rhodes Eddie Cowie 3-17.3
1985 May 2600m Chipaluck C R MacDonald, C MacDonald Kerry O'Reilly 3-21.1
1984 May 2600m Josephine Bret J R Hamilton, Mrs M J W Hamilton John Hay 3-28.0
1983 Apr 2600m Preferred W J Francis, M I Shinn Peter Jones 3-21.0
1982 May 2600m Hilarious Guest M G Vermeulen Peter Jones 3-20.1
1981 May 2600m Time's Up Mrs D A & W A Lamb & Mrs J H Taylor Jack Smolenski 3-22.1
1980 Apr 2600m Armalight H B Smith Jack Carmichael 3-23.9
1979 Apr 2600m Minilima C Swain Charlie Franks 3-26.4
1978 Apr 2600m Lady's Rule A S Penney Robert Dunn 3-29.0
1977 Apr 2600m Ruling Lobell B T Grice Denis Nyhan 3-24.1
1976 Apr 2600m Swift Princess T N & Mrs Grenfell Ian Cameron 3-34.7
1975 Apr 2600m In Or Out H J Maw Derek Jones 3-28.7
1974 Feb 2600m Hurrania R A McKenzie John Noble 3-29.2
1973 Feb 1m 5f Loyal Drift H N Edge Noel Edge 3-29.2
1972 Apr 1m 5f Ar Miss V L Smith Jack Carmichael 3-27.4
1971 Apr 1m 5f Shalimar A G Blank & Est G J Francis Reg Stockdale 3-33.0
1969 Dec 1 1/2m Bonnie Frost A J Cunningham & G B Noble John Noble 3-12.2
1968 Dec 1 1/2m Local Lie J W Thomas Pat O'Reilly 3-15.2
1967 Dec 1 1/2m Terraton N J Taylor & R B Ogg Ramon Ogg 3-14.6
1966 Dec 1 1/2m Stylos A C Hooper Doug Watts 3-16.6
1965 Dec 1 1/2m Have Care D P Grice Bob Young 3-19.2
1964 Dec 1 1/2m Lady Nugent B J Prince & G C Pearce Alex Purdon 3-14.6
1963 Dec 1 1/2m Balcairn G S & H McL Benny Neville Benny 3-19.0
1962 Dec 1 1/2m Wendy Dawn J G Hampton Gavin Hampton 3-21.4
1961 Dec 1 1/2m For Certain W R Butt Wes Butt 3-18.2
1960 Dec 1 1/2m Robin Dundee J W Hewitt Charlie Franks 3-28.6
1959 Dec 1 1/2m Arania R A McKenzie George Noble 3-22.6
1958 Dec 1 1/2m Fair Loan F W Johnston Bob Young 3-23.0
1957 Dec 1 1/2m Zany Mrs J & A M Purdon Alex Purdon 3-20.6
1956 Dec 1 1/2m Overdrive S T Webster David McGregor 3-19.6
1955 Dec 1 1/2m Glint R H Negus Maurice Holmes 3-13.4
1954 Dec 1 1/2m Earl Marie A J Corrigan Maurice Holmes 3-16.8
1953 Dec 1 1/2m Bonnie Castle E R Winter James Bryce 3-18.8
1952 Dec 1 1/2m Swallow P McCarthy Pat O'Reilly 3-24.8
1951 Dec 1 1/2m Powerful Lady E R Smith Fred Smith 3-19.6
1950 Dec 1 1/2m Vivanti W L Parkinson Ron Donald 3-25.4
1949 Dec 1 1/2m Petro Star B T Grice & R R Millar Maurice Holmes 3-24.2
1948 Dec 1 1/2m Perpetua A Todd Howie Smith 3-16.4