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Harness Jewels Leaderboard - 2019 Season

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Total Stakes of $1,275,000.

To be run at Addington Raceway by NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club Inc on Saturday 1st June 2019

Harness Jewels Conditions
1 Terror To Love 'jewels Winner' 2YO Diamond (Mobile Pace) 2YO Pacing Fillies $150,000
2 Commodore Hotel 3YO Diamond (Mobile Pace) 3YO Pacing Fillies $150,000
3 Woodlands 4YO Diamond (Mobile Pace) 4YO Pacing Mares $150,000
4 McMillan Equine Feeds 2YO Emerald (Mobile Pace) 2YO Pacing Colts & Geldings $150,000
5 Blue Star Taxis 3YO Emerald (Mobile Pace) 3YO Pacing Colts & Geldings $150,000
6 IRT 4YO Emerald (Mobile Pace) 4YO Pacing Geldings & Entires $150,000
7 Hanley Formula 2YO Ruby (Mobile Trot) 2YO Trotters $125,000
8 The Good Home Pegasus 3YO Ruby (Mobile Trot) 3YO Trotters $125,000
9 McMillan Equine Feeds 4YO Ruby (Mobile Trot) 4YO Trotters $125,000