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Last updated 03/07/2020 at 21:51 pm
FIRST FRIDAY JULY MEETING (Night 1) at Addington Raceway
Chairperson of Stewards:
Nick Ydgren


Friday, 3 July
Meeting 8
Races 2 & 3; 4 & 5; 6 & 7; 8 & 9
Races 1, 2 & 3; 4, 5 & 6; 7, 8 & 9
Races 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9
Races 2-5 inclusive; 6-9 inclusive
Races 4-9 inclusive
Races 4-9 inclusive
Race Number:
Race 1
Race Time:


$8330, NON-WINNERS 3YO & OLDER, 1980m

For 3yo-&-older trotters.

Notifiable Gear Changes: Majestic Chick: P-Off, FD-Off, RD-On, Thank You: HH-Off, FD-Off, RD-On, The Artful Dodger: BL-Off   Legend
1LuminosityLuminosity2X38343834Luminosity   5mMR421 Ft        
2Aldebaran BelleAldebaran Belle3755645564Aldebaran Belle   3fMR422 FtColin DeFilippiC DeFilippiColin & Julie DeFilippi  
3Princess DakotaPrincess Dakota63436343Princess Dakota   3fMR493 FtSam Thornley(J)S Thornley(J)Fred Fletcher  
4Cochy MalcCochy MalcCochy Malc   3gMR504 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeKen Barron  
5SteveSteve30553055Steve   5mMR495 FtMurray EdmondsM EdmondsMurray Edmonds  
6Yea YouYea YouX024302430Yea You   3gMR446 FtSarah O'Reilly(J)S O'Reilly(J)Gerard O'Reilly  
7The Artful DodgerThe Artful Dodger390X390XThe Artful Dodger   4gMR487 FtMatthew WilliamsonM WilliamsonPhil Williamson  
8Build A BridgeBuild A Bridge8305270527Build A Bridge   4mMR418 FtJames GeddesJ GeddesJim & James Geddes  
9Sungait's LegacySungait's Legacy09750975Sungait's Legacy   4mMR479 Ft        
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Thank YouThank You06X09XX09XThank You   5gMR4510 FtBen Hope(J)B Hope(J)Greg & Nina Hope  
11Awesome ImpeeAwesome Impee80X003X003Awesome Impee   5mMR4011 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyPhilippa Wakelin & Stephen Noble  
12Jaguar BayJaguar Bay0LX900X900Jaguar Bay   5mMR40U1 FtPhilippa WakelinP WakelinPhilippa Wakelin & Stephen Noble  
13Majestic ChickMajestic Chick9X679X67Majestic Chick   3fMR47U2 FtRobbie HolmesR HolmesJohn Howe  
Race Number:
Race 2
Race Time:


$8500, NON-WINNERS 2YO & OLDER MR40 TO MR48, 1980m

For MR40 to MR48 2yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 2: HYDROFLOW MOBILE PACE
Notifiable Gear Changes: Le Tissier: BL-Off, SL-On, Luminite: BL-Off, ACD-Off   Legend
1Beaudiene HustlerBeaudiene Hustler9X43444344Beaudiene Hustler   3gMR471 FtSarah O'Reilly(J)S O'Reilly(J)Cran Dalgety & Nathan Purdon  
2Fast AceFast Ace62266226Fast Ace   3gMR482 FtRobbie CloseR CloseJohn Howe  
3Rick ReillyRick Reilly8X06700670Rick Reilly   3gMR433 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyJamie Gameson  
4Mighty ReactorMighty Reactor5983278327Mighty Reactor   3gMR414 FtKimberly ButtK ButtBrad Mowbray  
5Alta SensationAlta Sensation7X87X8Alta Sensation   2gMR485 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeCran Dalgety & Nathan Purdon  
6I Miss MumI Miss MumX248654865I Miss Mum   4mMR436 FtKatie CoxK CoxKatie Cox  
7Lottie MoonLottie Moon7X64846484Lottie Moon   4mMR457 FtGerard O'ReillyG O'ReillyGeoff Dunn  
8Scotlynn On ThebeachScotlynn On Thebeach6597X597XScotlynn On Thebeach   3gMR478 FtSam Thornley(J)S Thornley(J)Dean Taylor  
9RollyarrrzRollyarrrz9X99X9Rollyarrrz   3gMR489 FtJack HarringtonJ HarringtonJack Harrington  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10LuminiteLuminite9000X900X9Luminite   5mMR4310 FtColin DeFilippiC DeFilippiFred Fletcher  
11Fiery ReactorFiery Reactor920502050Fiery Reactor   3cMR4711 FtJonny CoxJ CoxPaul Court  
12Le TissierLe Tissier4X707X707XLe Tissier   4gMR4012 FtRobbie HolmesR HolmesRobbie Holmes  
Race Number:
Race 3
Race Time:


$8500, 3YO & OLDER R40 TO R55, 2600m

For R40 to R55 pacers. Preferential Barrier Draw Based on: Rating then Winning Stakes using the track grid.

Participants for Race 3: ALLIED SECURITY MOBILE PACE
Notifiable Gear Changes: Melody's Mischief: SL-Off, Terror Maria: SL-Off   Legend
Horse Movements: Speciale Uno to Kevin Townley at Russley, Jazelle to Dean Taylor at Ladbrooks
1Speciale UnoSpeciale Uno14X887X887Speciale Uno   5mR441 FtGerard O'ReillyG O'ReillyRobert Stuart  
2Comfortably NumbComfortably Numb0517701770Comfortably Numb   5mR442 FtJohn DunnJ DunnBarry Ward  
3Prospect ParkProspect Park1807490749Prospect Park   3gR513 Ft        
4Already GoneAlready Gone1837623762Already Gone   4mR514 FtMatthew WilliamsonM WilliamsonBarry Ward  
5Sonic ReignSonic Reign7741574157Sonic Reign   5gR525 FtKyle CameronK CameronKyle Cameron  
6SeamarkSeamark21306X306XSeamark   5gR536 FtRobbie CloseR CloseRegan Todd  
7Melody's MischiefMelody's Mischief41530X530XMelody's Mischief   4mR537 FtRicky MayR MayBrendon Hill  
8William WallaceWilliam Wallace256X1X6X1XWilliam Wallace   3gR558 FtMatt AndersonM AndersonMitchell Kerr  
9BossmaroBossmaro8865216521Bossmaro   4gR559 FtJim CurtinJ CurtinRodger Austin  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Hidden DelightHidden Delight60X013X013Hidden Delight   4mR5310 Ft        
11JazelleJazelle0063586358Jazelle   4mR5211 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyMurray Pash  
12BuckskinBuckskin2582318231Buckskin   4gR5312 FtSarah O'Reilly(J)S O'Reilly(J)Robert Davis  
13FortuniaFortunia717717Fortunia   3cR5413 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeCran Dalgety & Nathan Purdon  
14Terror MariaTerror Maria21X321X3Terror Maria   3fR5414 FtJohn Morrison(J)J Morrison(J)Paul Kerr  
Race Number:
Race 4
Race Time:


$11,040, R56 & FASTER DISCRETIONARY, 2600m

For R56 & faster trotters.

Participants for Race 4: DAKINS HANDICAP TROT
1ClydeClyde1086138613Clyde   4gR621 FtRicky MayR MayDonna Williamson  
2Phoebe OnyxPhoebe Onyx3316361636Phoebe Onyx   4gR592 FtTim WilliamsT WilliamsJohn Howe  
3Only One WayOnly One Way0204730473Only One Way   4gR613 FtMatthew WilliamsonM WilliamsonPhil Williamson  
4BaxterBaxter76X500X500Baxter   4gR624 FtBen Hope(J)B Hope(J)Greg & Nina Hope  
5Jimmy CarterJimmy Carter8PP102P102Jimmy Carter   5gR59U1 FtBrad WilliamsonB WilliamsonPhil Williamson  
6The PlayerThe PlayerX329232923The Player   4gR61U2 FtJohn DunnJ DunnRobert Dunn  
7Doff Your CapDoff Your Cap05024X024XDoff Your Cap   4gR64U110mBob ButtR ButtLeonne Jones  
8Sundons FlyerSundons Flyer7754905490Sundons Flyer   7mR70120m        
9The DominatorThe Dominator4038023802The Dominator   6gR84130mCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyDonna Williamson  
Race Number:
Race 5
Race Time:


$8670, NON-WINNERS 2YO & OLDER MR49 TO MR50, 1980m

For MR49 to MR50 2yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 5: GARRARDS MOBILE PACE
Notifiable Gear Changes: Best Trio: BL-Off, The Flying Fijian: FD-Off, RD-On, Vincent Van Gone: BL-On   Legend
1EvangalistEvangalistEvangalist   2fMR501 FtJason ThomasJ ThomasJason Thomas  
2Vincent Van GoneVincent Van Gone542X842X8Vincent Van Gone   2cMR492 FtTim WilliamsT WilliamsGeoff Dunn  
3Major WilsonMajor Wilson5555Major Wilson   2gMR503 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyMark Jones  
4The Flying FijianThe Flying Fijian0X0XThe Flying Fijian   3gMR494 FtBob ButtR ButtMitchell Kerr  
5Twilight BromacTwilight Bromac207207Twilight Bromac   2cMR485 FtNathan PurdonN PurdonCran Dalgety & Nathan Purdon  
6Red EnvyRed EnvyRed Envy   3fMR506 FtRobbie CloseR CloseRegan Todd  
7Sparkling PearlSparkling PearlSparkling Pearl   3fMR507 FtMichael Heenan  
8InvaluableInvaluable2452225222Invaluable   3gMR498 FtMatt AndersonM AndersonCran Dalgety & Nathan Purdon  
9ZambiaZambia64X335X335Zambia   3gMR499 FtJohn Morrison(J)J Morrison(J)Paul Kerr  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10VindicateVindicate5454Vindicate   3fMR5010 FtJohn DunnJ DunnTom Bagrie  
11Spirit Of ArdenSpirit Of ArdenSpirit Of Arden   3gMR5011 FtMatthew WilliamsonM WilliamsonDean Taylor  
12Bettor GrunterBettor Grunter2495529552Bettor Grunter   3gMR4912 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeKen Barron  
13La RosaLa Rosa3232La Rosa   2fMR5013 FtRicky MayR MayMark Jones  
14Best TrioBest Trio4X4XBest Trio   2gMR5014 FtSheree Tomlinson(J)S Tomlinson(J)Dean Taylor  
Race Number:
Race 6
Race Time:


$12,240, 3YO & OLDER R60 & FASTER DISCRETIONARY, 2600m

For R60 & faster pacers.

1Shadow MinisterShadow Minister3157925792Shadow Minister   5gR681 FtLeo O'ReillyL O'ReillyLeo O'Reilly  
2One DirectionOne Direction2421472147One Direction   8gR642 FtKimberly ButtK ButtLyn Prendergast  
3La Bella VitaLa Bella Vita16221X221XLa Bella Vita   4mR613 Ft        
4OverarmOverarm0X55845584Overarm   5gR604 FtTerry ChmielT ChmielTerry Chmiel  
5Kiwis Are FlyingKiwis Are Flying331X651X65Kiwis Are Flying   5gR645 FtRobbie HolmesR HolmesRobbie Holmes  
6Glenledi ChiefGlenledi Chief5336133613Glenledi Chief   3gR666 FtGavin SmithG SmithSam Smolenski  
7KingmakerKingmaker149X949X94Kingmaker   4gR67U1 FtMatthew WilliamsonM WilliamsonBrad Mowbray  
8Franco NivenFranco Niven7X22132213Franco Niven   4gR70110m        
9Stun GunStun Gun1704640464Stun Gun   4hR74210mBlair OrangeB OrangePaul Court  
10Hayden's MeddleHayden's Meddle37X517X517Hayden's Meddle   6gR70310mJohn DunnJ DunnRobert Dunn  
11Change Is GoodChange Is Good738X568X56Change Is Good   5mR75410mTim WilliamsT WilliamsMitchell Kerr  
12Baileys KnightBaileys Knight0X80858085Baileys Knight   6gR70U110mJack HarringtonJ HarringtonJack Harrington  
13Mikey MaguireMikey Maguire1849844984Mikey Maguire   6gR82120mColin DeFilippiC DeFilippiFred Fletcher  
14Matt DamonMatt Damon12117X117XMatt Damon   4gR82220mMatt AndersonM AndersonMitchell Kerr  
15Cast No ShadowCast No Shadow7061336133Cast No Shadow   4hR82320mBob ButtR ButtBob Butt  
Race Number:
Race 7
Race Time:


$7990, 3YO & OLDER R55 TO R60, 1980m

For R55 to R60 3yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 7: PEEK EXHIBITION MOBILE PACE
Horse Movements: Pay Me Visa to Andrew Stuart at Rangiora
1Ohoka MattyOhoka Matty7X95169516Ohoka Matty   7gR571 FtRobbie CloseR CloseAndrew Stuart  
2AnamajorAnamajor7734313431Anamajor   4mR602 FtTim WilliamsT WilliamsRobert Dunn  
3SomekindawonderfulSomekindawonderful00X541X541Somekindawonderful   3gR573 Ft        
4StormStorm18X615X615Storm   3fR564 FtMatt AndersonM AndersonMitchell Kerr  
5Longview LadyLongview Lady4X16431643Longview Lady   3fR555 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeKen Barron  
6Pay Me VisaPay Me Visa8997059705Pay Me Visa   8gR606 FtStephen McNallyS McNallyRegan Todd  
7Kensington BillKensington Bill1366636663Kensington Bill   4gR587 FtKorbyn Newman(J)K Newman(J)Robert Dunn  
8Under WrapsUnder Wraps61X175X175Under Wraps   3cR588 FtRicky MayR MayPaul Court  
9Carlos BromacCarlos Bromac4032333233Carlos Bromac   3gR569 FtJohn DunnJ DunnRobert Dunn  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Alta EndeavourAlta Endeavour6X42174217Alta Endeavour   3gR5710 FtSarah O'Reilly(J)S O'Reilly(J)Cran Dalgety & Nathan Purdon  
Race Number:
Race 8
Race Time:


$7990, R40 TO R55, 2600m

For R40 to R55 trotters.

Participants for Race 8: VERO INSURANCE TROT
Notifiable Gear Changes: Majestic Action: RD-Off, FD-On   Legend
1PalisadePalisade0X92269226Palisade   4gR501 FtDavid ButtD ButtDavid & Catherine Butt  
2Unique MarshallUnique Marshall0X00000000Unique Marshall   7gR502 FtJohn DunnJ DunnMurray Edmonds  
3Idle StuartiaIdle Stuartia0293549354Idle Stuartia   4mR483 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeRodger Austin  
4Tricky RastusTricky Rastus09X06XX06XTricky Rastus   7gR404 Ft        
5Prince TekaPrince Teka1197369736Prince Teka   4gR545 FtKyle CameronK CameronGerard McCrea  
6Red HarbourRed Harbour8680X480X4Red Harbour   5gR456 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyKevin James  
7Silver SurferSilver Surfer55471X471XSilver Surfer   4gR557 Ft        
8Take After MeTake After MeP863356335Take After Me   9gR538 FtRoss HoughtonR HoughtonGlenn Scott  
9ChivasionChivasion1109700970Chivasion   10mR539 FtMurray EdmondsM EdmondsMurray Edmonds  
10Majestic ActionMajestic Action88060X060XMajestic Action   4mR46U1 FtGavin SmithG SmithTrent Yesberg  
11Sioux PrincessSioux Princess2011241124Sioux Princess   5mR54U2 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyMark Jones  
Race Number:
Race 9
Race Time:


$8160, 3YO & OLDER R47 TO R54, 1980m

For R47 to R54 3yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 9: LAMB & HAYWARD MOBILE PACE
Notifiable Gear Changes: Crackabrie: BL-Off, Lydia: BL-On, Morningstar Gold: RD-Off   Legend
Horse Movements: Scelta Uno to Kevin Townley at Russley
1LydiaLydia10503X503XLydia   4mR521 FtBen Laughton(J)B Laughton(J)Dean Taylor  
2Morningstar GoldMorningstar Gold127X0X7X0XMorningstar Gold   5gR532 FtRobbie HolmesR HolmesRobbie Holmes  
3J R BromacJ R Bromac0140X240X2J R Bromac   3gR543 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeKen Barron  
4Cheddar Made BetaCheddar Made Beta1700040004Cheddar Made Beta   5gR534 Ft        
5I Am AdalineI Am Adaline70X188X188I Am Adaline   4mR515 FtJonny CoxJ CoxJohn Howe  
6Scelta UnoScelta Uno53X665X665Scelta Uno   6mR476 FtGerard O'ReillyG O'ReillyRobert Stuart  
7MajorcaMajorca7969256925Majorca   4mR517 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyJamie Gameson  
8Cheddar ValleyCheddar Valley8X32423242Cheddar Valley   3gR528 FtJohn DunnJ DunnRobert Dunn  
9Mossdale LotteeMossdale Lottee0051655165Mossdale Lottee   3fR549 FtBen Hope(J)B Hope(J)Greg & Nina Hope  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10CrackabrieCrackabrie190190Crackabrie   4mR5210 FtRobbie CloseR CloseAndrew Stuart  
11Skippys DelightSkippys Delight3X38233823Skippys Delight   3gR5011 FtRicky MayR MayBrendon Hill  
Runner Index
Aldebaran Belle -  Race 1
Already Gone -  Race 3
Alta Endeavour -  Race 7
Alta Sensation -  Race 2
Anamajor -  Race 7
Awesome Impee -  Race 1
Baileys Knight -  Race 6
Baxter -  Race 4
Beaudiene Hustler -  Race 2
Best Trio -  Race 5
Bettor Grunter -  Race 5
Bossmaro -  Race 3
Buckskin -  Race 3
Build A Bridge -  Race 1
Carlos Bromac -  Race 7
Cast No Shadow -  Race 6
Change Is Good -  Race 6
Cheddar Made Beta -  Race 9
Cheddar Valley -  Race 9
Chivasion -  Race 8
Clyde -  Race 4
Cochy Malc -  Race 1
Comfortably Numb -  Race 3
Crackabrie -  Race 9
Doff Your Cap -  Race 4
Evangalist -  Race 5
Fast Ace -  Race 2
Fiery Reactor -  Race 2
Fortunia -  Race 3
Franco Niven -  Race 6
Glenledi Chief -  Race 6
Hayden's Meddle -  Race 6
Hidden Delight -  Race 3
I Am Adaline -  Race 9
Idle Stuartia -  Race 8
I Miss Mum -  Race 2
Invaluable -  Race 5
Jaguar Bay -  Race 1
Jazelle -  Race 3
Jimmy Carter -  Race 4
J R Bromac -  Race 9
Kensington Bill -  Race 7
Kingmaker -  Race 6
Kiwis Are Flying -  Race 6
La Bella Vita -  Race 6
La Rosa -  Race 5
Le Tissier -  Race 2
Longview Lady -  Race 7
Lottie Moon -  Race 2
Luminite -  Race 2
Luminosity -  Race 1
Lydia -  Race 9
Majestic Action -  Race 8
Majestic Chick -  Race 1
Majorca -  Race 9
Major Wilson -  Race 5
Matt Damon -  Race 6
Melody's Mischief -  Race 3
Mighty Reactor -  Race 2
Mikey Maguire -  Race 6
Morningstar Gold -  Race 9
Mossdale Lottee -  Race 9
Ohoka Matty -  Race 7
One Direction -  Race 6
Only One Way -  Race 4
Overarm -  Race 6
Palisade -  Race 8
Pay Me Visa -  Race 7
Phoebe Onyx -  Race 4
Princess Dakota -  Race 1
Prince Teka -  Race 8
Prospect Park -  Race 3
Red Envy -  Race 5
Red Harbour -  Race 8
Rick Reilly -  Race 2
Rollyarrrz -  Race 2
Scelta Uno -  Race 9
Scotlynn On Thebeach -  Race 2
Seamark -  Race 3
Shadow Minister -  Race 6
Silver Surfer -  Race 8
Sioux Princess -  Race 8
Skippys Delight -  Race 9
Somekindawonderful -  Race 7
Sonic Reign -  Race 3
Sparkling Pearl -  Race 5
Speciale Uno -  Race 3
Spirit Of Arden -  Race 5
Steve -  Race 1
Storm -  Race 7
Stun Gun -  Race 6
Sundons Flyer -  Race 4
Sungait's Legacy -  Race 1
Take After Me -  Race 8
Terror Maria -  Race 3
Thank You -  Race 1
The Artful Dodger -  Race 1
The Dominator -  Race 4
The Flying Fijian -  Race 5
The Player -  Race 4
Tricky Rastus -  Race 8
Twilight Bromac -  Race 5
Under Wraps -  Race 7
Unique Marshall -  Race 8
Vincent Van Gone -  Race 5
Vindicate -  Race 5
William Wallace -  Race 3
Yea You -  Race 1
Zambia -  Race 5