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Runner Index

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Race 1
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$8000, 3YO & OLDER R40 TO R53 AMATEUR DRIVERS, 1980m

For R40 to R53 3yo-&-older pacers. This race is for Amateur Drivers only and has a Preferential Barrier Draw Based on: Winning Stakes using the track grid.

1Edge Sheeran06800XEdge Sheeran1FtAlan EdgeNot sighted since struggling through latter stages of last campaign. Stretched.
3Ruby's A Delight737X78Ruby's A Delight3FtGavin CookNot bad when space came on Sunday. Can work into combos from draw.
4Jeremy Wells0X8243Jeremy Wells4FtShannon ManawatuShown some versatility this time in. Draw advantage over key rivals. Chance.
5Daggy Lamb3980X9Daggy Lamb5FtJim ReardonWent back from wide draw last week. Placed twice here but that's his high point.
6Moody River982151Moody River6FtAndrew FitzgeraldHangs around in this grade after easy win at Rangiora. Can certainly repeat.
7Von Art891517Von Art7FtBarry WhiteWorked back nicely into form down south. Has won here. Adds to the puzzle.
8Flamboyant809690Flamboyant8FtSue BlakeDidn't fire when landing a long way back at Motukarara. Needs to improve.
9Senorita Margarita321062Senorita Margarita9FtJo-ann Buckland-StevensBest of the rest behind Moody River 17Nov. May emerge late again. Place.
---------------------------- Second Line ----------------------------
10The Go To Man177X30The Go To Man10FtKevin McClintockDidn't show much late when clear at Rangiora. Traffic queries today. Odds.
11Mark Dunnett280777Mark Dunnett11FtColleen NegusTired late 21Nov, but had done some work. Yet to place here though. First4s.
12Belle's Boy093157Belle's Boy12FtSheldon MurthaDidn't offer much at Rangiora but got stuck near the rear. Can bounce back.
13Invisible Girl307006Invisible Girl13FtBlair WilmottForm slightly back in right direction at Ashburton. Seeking shortcuts from draw.
Best Bets: Moody River (6),   Von Art (7),   Jeremy Wells (4),   Senorita Margarita (9)
Best Mile Rates: Senorita Margarita (1-55.5),   Invisible Girl (1-57.5),   Moody River (1-58.5)     [races less or equal 2000m]
Gear Changes: Invisible Girl (13): BL-Off, Von Art (7): SL-Off, BL-On    Legend
Race Number:
Race 2
Race Time:


$9158, NON-WINNERS 3YO & OLDER MR40 TO MR46, 2000m

For MR40 to MR46 3yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 2: IRT. YOUR HORSE. OUR PASSION PACE
1Cheekygrin560593Cheekygrin1FtRobbie HolmesUsed inside draw to nab 3rd 21Nov. Yet to place from a stand though. First4s.
2Charnui8649X4Charnui2FtAmber LethabyCheeky 4th at long odds at Ashburton. Fitter for that. Can sneak into multiples.
3Ali X507006Ali X3FtCraig ThornleyBit more like it at Timaru & draws in a little closer too. Take on trust though.
4Southern Storm8X5855Southern Storm4FtSamantha OttleyHad excuses at both Ashburton and Rangiora. Drawn to be prominent today.
5Piece Of Gold4068X0Piece Of Gold5FtJohn MorrisonBattling effort when resuming at Motukarara. Likely to be needing this as well.
6Nordy Star747X79Nordy Star6FtStephen McNallyProving a tricky watch, but there's no doubting his speed. One more chance.
7Iron Woman3X0705Iron Woman7FtJonny CoxMade use of good spot to work into 5th last week. Needs all favours again.
8Crystal Daytom006443Crystal Daytom8FtRobbie CloseHeld up more often than a bank in the Wild West. Follow the money again.
9Ars Gratia Artis08800XArs Gratia Artis9FtCarl MarkhamWone one of his two workouts ahead of this. Yet to place on raceday though.
10ManziniX64058Manzini10FtGemma Thornley(J)Flying under the radar since she resumed. Awkward draw but don't ignore.
11Major Wilson0X7037Major Wilson11FtBlair OrangeRace didn't pan out for him 21Nov but he worked home well. Stick with him.
12Cute Art4X7834Cute Art12FtMatthew WilliamsonTidy efforts from a variety of draws, so 2nd line here no great issue. Place.
13Bono Brown80PP72Bono Brown13FtKerryn Tomlinson(J)Put it all together for smart 2nd at Motukarara. Has some tricks though. Combos.
Best Bets: Southern Storm (4),   Crystal Daytom (8),   Major Wilson (11),   Nordy Star (6)
Race Number:
Race 3
Race Time:


$8528, NON-WINNERS 2YO & OLDER, 1980m

1Sassy StarSassy Star1FtStephen McNallyNice win behind the mobile 02Nov. Mobile helps on debut. Combos.
2Galway Girl9749X0Galway Girl2FtCraig ThornleyNot happy in her gait early at Timaru but solid late. Multiples option here.
3Brother Love725X74Brother Love3FtGavin SmithUnwound nicely at Rangiora & getting steadily fitter. May have last say here.
4Jesper Fast339062Jesper Fast4FtRobbie HolmesMaiden win just eluded him at Rangiora. Placed in only mobile start. Repeat?
5Regal SierraRegal Sierra5FtBlair OrangeGood 3rd to Murano 03Nov trials & form has been franked. Danger on debut.
6Dashing Dutchy90X088Dashing Dutchy6FtChris McDowellEarly errors at times but lacking knockout blows late as well. On the bench.
7Royal Diedre8X3658Royal Diedre7FtSam Thornley(J)Did a whole lot wrong at Rangiora but mobile is an assist. Include in First4s.
8Magnifique Dimanche320850Magnifique DimancheU1FtKatie CoxForm has tailed off, but might appreciate the rolling start here. Place upset.
9Cool Phelan80X030Cool PhelanU2FtJohn MorrisonGave a sight after finding the lead at Rangiora. May go for the lead again. EW.
Best Bets: Brother Love (3),   Regal Sierra (5),   Cool Phelan (9),   Jesper Fast (4)
Star Trialist: Sassy Star - 1st of 3, Ashburton, 02/11/21, 2400m Mobile, WnrsTime: 3-18.2, 800m: 64.0, 400m: 30.8, Margins: neck, 5 len.
Gear Changes: Jesper Fast (4): RD-Off, FD-On, BL-On    Legend
Race Number:
Race 4
Race Time:


$9000, 4YO & OLDER R40 TO R59 DISCRHCP JUN.DRV, 2600m

For R40 to R59 4yo-&-older pacers. This race is for Junior Drivers only. Rating Penalty Free Race.

1Skidaddle079653Skidaddle1FtSam Payne(J)Declared a non-runner last Sunday. Good form prior though. Combos must.
2The Conqueror300186The Conqueror2FtOlivia Thornley(J)Recovered OK at Timaru after mistake early. Skinny stats here though. First4s.
3Southerly Change0X7042Southerly Change3FtEllie Barron(J)Used the inside runs to go close at Ashburton. Good from a stand start. EW.
4Royal Jester777317Royal Jester4FtDarren Keast(J)Not bad at Rangiora after tightening up form recently. Can offer cheek again.
5Tairlaw Toll0X0251Tairlaw Toll110Devon van Til(J)Job well done at Rangiora but that was a field light on talent. First4s off 10m.
6Sam's Town00740XSam's Town210Korbyn Newman(J)1.5L trial winner at Methven since joining the Dunns. Big market watch.
7Frankie Jones085621Frankie Jones310Sam Thornley(J)Comes back south after last-start win in amateurs 24Sep. Don't underestimate.
8Brother John032219Brother John410Mark Hurrell(J)Found the going tough at Orari, but decent slide in grade here. Worth a look.
9Loyalist782077Loyalist510Ben Hope(J)Took on harder fields than this in Cup Week. Distance suits. Place from 10m.
10Tom Martin0X60X9Tom Martin610Kerryn Tomlinson(J)Touch average at Timaru but did lack space. Drops in grade here. Upset.
11Carse O Fern Tom581880Carse O Fern Tom710Tom Bamford(J)Things went against him at Ashburton but he struggled late. Up against it.
12Terror Maria20X200Terror MariaU110Carter Dalgety(J)Got it wrong behind the tapes 11Nov. Capable if she behaves. Consider again.
Best Bets: Southerly Change (3),   Brother John (8),   Sam's Town (6),   Terror Maria (12)
Best Mile Rates: Brother John (2-02.5),   Loyalist (2-02.6),   The Conqueror (2-05.2)     [races between 2401m and 2799m]
Star Trialist: Sam's Town - 1st of 10, Mt Hutt, 06/11/21, 2400m Stand , WnrsTime: 3-22.4, 800m: 61.6, 400m: 29.5, Margins: 1 1/2len, 1/2len.
Trainer Changes: Sam's Town from Gavin Burgess to Robert & Jenna Dunn,   Frankie Jones from Sheryl Wigg to Alan Edge
Gear Changes: Sam's Town (6): RD-On    Legend
Race Number:
Race 5
Race Time:


$9158, NON-WINNERS 3YO & OLDER MR40 TO MR46, 1980m

For MR40 to MR46 3yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 5: FAHEY FENCE HIRE MOBILE PACE
1Sheeza Purla000X06Sheeza Purla1FtAlana Cameron(J)Had her chance at Motukarara. Fitness still on the up. Combos from the ace.
2Rock'n Kiwi0X509Rock'n Kiwi2FtJack HarringtonLacked gaps at Motukarara & does draw a bit closer. Need a decent price though.
3All Together Now462897All Together Now3Ft  
4Taliesin58X574Taliesin4FtMatthew WilliamsonBriefly held up at Rangiora but kept trying. Form is holding OK. Worth a look.
5Eloel475260Eloel5FtJohn DunnBest to rule a line through Rangiora outing. Gave a sight prior. Can atone.
6Rockin Va Va338720Rockin Va Va6FtTim WilliamsTired after cutting the breeze last Sunday. Front row draw helps. Go again.
7Hey TonightX60005Hey Tonight7FtRobbie CloseUnwound stylishly at Rangiora after early cheek. Course stats a worry. Odds.
8Fascinate08X006Fascinate8FtJohn MorrisonDefinite improvement at Ashburton but draw adds to her challenge today.
9Sir Monty370P80Sir Monty9FtBlair OrangeCouldn't muster more after leading from #1 at Motukarara. Tested from this draw.
---------------------------- Second Line ----------------------------
10Major PurchaseX03X96Major Purchase10FtJonny CoxMuch better at Motukarara after Oamaru failure fresh. First4s spice with gaps.
11The Cobbler773098The Cobbler11FtGerard O'ReillyMid-race shuffle-up at Rangiora didn't help. Moves off the unruly. Upset.
12Victor Bravo652060Victor Bravo12FtBen Hope(J)Did not enjoy the track at all 17Nov as favourite. Better than that. EW claims.
13Melando Chief7002X5Melando Chief13FtKyle CameronStarted spring campaign well last Sunday. Might be waiting for last say here.
14Glitz And Glam390370Glitz And Glam14FtGavin SmithDid plenty wrong at Rangiora & gets the outside of the 2nd row here. Passing.
Best Bets: Rockin Va Va (6),   Victor Bravo (12),   Eloel (5),   Taliesin (4)
Gear Changes: Fascinate (8): BL-On, Glitz And Glam (14): ACD-On, Sheeza Purla (1): RD-Off, FD-On, Sir Monty (9): BL-Off, SL-On    Legend
Horse Movements: Melando Chief to Kyle Cameron at Fernside
Race Number:
Race 6
Race Time:


$9158, 3YO & OLDER R40 TO R50, 2000m

For R40 to R50 3yo-&-older pacers.

1Don't Write Me Off22235XDon't Write Me Off1FtRobbie CloseHeld on in a sprint home 16Nov trials. Handy draw for this. Keep safe.
2Full Of Desire278153Full Of Desire2FtBrent BorcoskieDistant 3rd at Rangiora but not bad overall since clearing maidens. Combos.
3Pacific Clipper08Pacific Clipper3FtTim WilliamsBest draw since debuting & 03Nov trial wasn't bad. May be over the odds.
4Missmollygoodgolly5044X4Missmollygoodgolly4FtLawrence McCormickImpressive when resuming at Timaru & this is an easier grade. Smokey.
5She's Got Style321She's Got Style5FtJohn DunnStepped through the placings to win at Timaru. Should cope in new grade. EW.
6Art Collector536444Art Collector6FtJohn MorrisonHandy 4ths when on or near the pace recently. Course stats are OK. Combos.
7Westar Molly7316Westar Molly7FtBlair OrangeUnlucky at Rangiora in first run out of maidens. May gain some support today.
8Morries Girl645961Morries Girl8FtBen Hope(J)Overdue maiden success at Rangiora. Ideal field for her new grade. Place.
9Charlie's Ace00X415Charlie's Ace9FtGemma Thornley(J)Followed up maiden win with nice 5th last weekend. Can emerge late at odds.
10Motor Mouth04X405Motor Mouth10FtJoseph GrayFair without rendering followers speechless last week. Seeking shortcuts.
11Classey Robin706301Classey Robin11FtGavin SmithCapitalised on soft trip to score easily at Rangiora. Has claims with similar.
12Kennedy70054DKennedy12FtJonny CoxDisqualified due to the start at Motukarara. Unlucky at Rangiora. Upset.
13Tas Girl BromacX06049Tas Girl Bromac13Ft  
14El Sirrar2308X6El Sirrar14FtKyle CameronFresh 6th had merit 21Nov. Better suited to grass but not totally out of this.
Best Bets: She's Got Style (5),   Don't Write Me Off (1),   Westar Molly (7),   Morries Girl (8)
Best Mile Rates: Don't Write Me Off (2-01.9),   She's Got Style (2-04.3),   Motor Mouth (2-08.8)     [races less or equal 2000m]
Star Trialist: Don't Write Me Off - 1st of 3, Chertsey, 16/11/21, 2400m Stand , WnrsTime: 3-12.4, 800m: 58.7, 400m: 26.6, Margins: head, distance.
Race Number:
Race 7
Race Time:


$9158, 3YO & OLDER R40 TO R44, R45 WITH COND., 1980m

For R40 to R44 3yo-&-older pacers. Also R45 horses with winning stakes up to and including $34000 for lifetime.

Participants for Race 7: CLARKSON SIGNS MOBILE PACE
1Honour Scroll698089Honour Scroll1FtKerryn Tomlinson(J)Mixing her efforts from inside draws & yet to place here in 15 starts. Passing.
2Songbird6X0687Songbird2FtJim CurtinFinding the line well in last two starts. Down in grade & better draw. Consider.
3Sheelasinleague0X9P80Sheelasinleague3FtSam Thornley(J)Lacked gaps at Motukarara but has lacked a kick late anyway. Hard to have.
4Kowhai Shadow420040Kowhai Shadow4FtSamantha OttleyShould appreciate mobile & better draw today. Yet to fire here though. First4s.
6Refine648458Refine6FtAlana Cameron(J)Not much went her way at Rangiora. Two-time winner here though. Smokey.
7Endless Dreams239X22Endless Dreams7FtSheree TomlinsonBeaten by a combined 0.6L since returning. Wider draw but she's hard to beat.
8Journo604992Journo8FtJohn DunnFound a nice spot last Sunday & went close. Tricky alley, but place prospect.
9Martin John855675Martin John9Ft  
---------------------------- Second Line ----------------------------
10Taurus Bromac521350Taurus Bromac10FtCarter Dalgety(J)Paced roughly in score-up at Winton. May be well back on the markers. Combos.
11The Peacemaker94227XThe Peacemaker11FtGavin SmithTidy 2nd to a R57 mare 16Nov trials. Southern debut but can surprise.
12Franco Cornel095508Franco Cornel12FtRobbie CloseOutclassed in Show Day Futurity & disappointed as fave at Methven. Odds.
13HuckabeeX01404Huckabee13FtMatthew WilliamsonTidy 3rd at Methven but cops a 2nd row draw. All-weather suits. Multiples.
14Krystal Delight665234Krystal Delight14FtBen Hope(J)Slides back in grade after good 4th last Sunday. Placed from 2nd row 17Nov. EW.
15Prodigal Son836081Prodigal Son15FtRobbie HolmesCleared maidens in style at Motukarara. May need to follow speed here. First4s.
Best Bets: Endless Dreams (7),   Krystal Delight (14),   Songbird (2)
Best Mile Rates: Endless Dreams (1-54.1),   Krystal Delight (1-57.6),   Franco Cornel (1-58.3)     [races less or equal 2000m]
Star Trialist: The Peacemaker - 2nd of 6, Chertsey, 16/11/21, 2400m Mobile, WnrsTime: 3-09.0, 800m: 57.2, 400m: 26.7, Margins: 1 1/4len, 2 1/4len, 1/2len.
Trainer Changes: The Peacemaker from Craig & Tony Jamieson to Siv Diamant
Race Number:
Race 8
Race Time:


$9158, 3YO & OLDER R40 TO R50, 2600m

For R40 to R50 3yo-&-older trotters.

Participants for Race 8: MCMILLAN EQUINE FEEDS TROT
1Ali Lindenny4X4202Ali Lindenny1FtBlair Orange2nd to Resolve from same draw last Sunday. That measures up here. Chance.
2Tres Magnifique043905Tres Magnifique2FtCraig ThornleyHinted at return to form despite error last Sunday. Skinny stats here. First4s.
3Bourbon On The Rocks000898Bourbon On The Rocks3FtJohn VersteegWon here in June, but that's looking a while back now. Needs to lift to feature.
4Shes So Right457077Shes So Right4FtKerryn Tomlinson(J)Unable to find an extra gear through November. Seeking improvement in this.
5Bryan Boru433270Bryan Boru5FtJohn DunnGait deserted him late at Motukarara. Better than that. Can bounce back.
6Smudgee233165Smudgee6FtBrent BorcoskieCan't knock his efforts since September win. Manners a big plus. Has claims.
7Cabella Noir548X08Cabella Noir7FtRobbie CloseDidn't fire from a soft trip last Sunday. Hasn't shown much here. On the bench.
8Shiffty544774Shiffty8FtGavin SmithGood place record here & battled away OK at Rangiora. Include in combinations.
9TedescoX23872Tedesco9FtBen Hope(J)Much more like it at Timaru & has higher speed than most here. In the mix.
10Sonoma Tyron4X6672Sonoma Tyron10FtGerard O'ReillyProfessional effort to grab 2nd at Rangiora. Should gain support. Don't ignore.
11DD's Super Stuart556642DD's Super Stuart11Ft  
12Superfast Gorsey00X050Superfast Gorsey12FtUnderstandably tired last Sunday. Fitness nearing peak but needs some luck.
13Awesome Impee952321Awesome Impee13FtPhilippa WakelinTidy runs since resuming topped off by maiden win. Multiples must in new grade.
14Idle Stuartia843652Idle Stuartia14Ft  
15Constellation0957X0ConstellationU1FtAlana Cameron(J)No hope in first run down south after early error. Take on trust again today.
16South Park309200South ParkU2Ft  
17Flyin Sid003105Flyin SidU3FtTerry ChmielHas talent, but still figuring out his gait early on. May upset with last say.
Best Bets: Tedesco (9),   Bryan Boru (5),   Smudgee (6),   Ali Lindenny (1)
Best Mile Rates: Sonoma Tyron (2-06.9),   Ali Lindenny (2-07.2),   Flyin Sid (2-07.9)     [races between 2401m and 2799m]
Race Number:
Race 9
Race Time:


$9315, 3YO & OLDER R45 TO R50, 1980m

For R45 to R50 3yo-&-older pacers.

1Major Collect57X782Major Collect1FtJohn DunnJust missed at Rangiora but showed some real ticker. #1 draw big help. EW.
2Styx Sweetie575656Styx Sweetie2FtJim CurtinMid-race cover helped at Rangiora but lacked punch late. First4s from draw.
3Immer Besser362260Immer Besser3FtSamantha OttleyGets in well in the ratings & two-time winner here. Good chance from this alley.
5Sing To Me145718Sing To Me5FtTim WilliamsMixing her efforts a little, but her best is a cut above some of these. Danger.
6UnfazedP18X04Unfazed6FtDevon van Til(J)Rangiora 4th showed natural improvement but still building fitness. Combos.
7Glassy Webb018306Glassy Webb7FtJohn MorrisonMay hunt preferred racing style near the lead. Very plain at Rangiora though.
8Oliver North089900Oliver North8FtMatthew WilliamsonMobile will help after stand start error at Timaru. Form turnaround required.
9Idealingold0X0006Idealingold9FtBlair OrangeDidn't toss it in after tough trip last Sunday. Tough draw though. Roughie.
---------------------------- Second Line ----------------------------
10Dennis Denuto0369X3Dennis Denuto10FtRobbie CloseCaught the eye when resuming at Methven. Yet to fire on all-weather though.
11AcentoX19201Acento11FtRobbie HolmesSaluted as favourite last Sunday & not a huge jump in grade. Don't disregard.
12Aveross Rustler080900Aveross Rustler12FtKorbyn Newman(J)Very experienced around Addington but recent form doesn't inspire us.
13Shards In Manhattan385592Shards In Manhattan13FtCarter Dalgety(J)Had last say at Winton & almost scored. Can pop up at times here. Has claims.
14Will He Rock00X008Will He Rock14FtJordan Simpson(J)Definite improvement last Sunday but still a length or three off these. Odds.
15The Terrorfier607093The Terrorfier15FtBen Hope(J)Showed glimpse of his early promise with sound Rangiora 3rd. Gold coin option.
Best Bets: Sing To Me (5),   Immer Besser (3),   Major Collect (1),   Shards In Manhattan (13)
Best Mile Rates: Styx Sweetie (1-56.7),   Will He Rock (1-58.1),   Glassy Webb (1-58.2)     [races less or equal 2000m]
Gear Changes: Glassy Webb (7): BL-On, Major Collect (1): SL-On, Sing To Me (5): SL-On    Legend
Runner Index
Acento -  Race 9
Ali Lindenny -  Race 8
Ali X -  Race 2
All Together Now -  Race 5
Ars Gratia Artis -  Race 2
Art Collector -  Race 6
Aveross Rustler -  Race 9
Awesome Impee -  Race 8
Belle's Boy -  Race 1
Bono Brown -  Race 2
Bourbon On The Rocks -  Race 8
Brother John -  Race 4
Brother Love -  Race 3
Bryan Boru -  Race 8
Cabella Noir -  Race 8
Carse O Fern Tom -  Race 4
Charlie's Ace -  Race 6
Charnui -  Race 2
Cheekygrin -  Race 2
Classey Robin -  Race 6
Constellation -  Race 8
Cool Phelan -  Race 3
Crystal Daytom -  Race 2
Cute Art -  Race 2
Daggy Lamb -  Race 1
Dashing Dutchy -  Race 3
DD's Super Stuart -  Race 8
Dennis Denuto -  Race 9
Don't Write Me Off -  Race 6
Edge Sheeran -  Race 1
Eloel -  Race 5
El Sirrar -  Race 6
Endless Dreams -  Race 7
Eyecon -  Race 1 Race 7 Race 9
Fascinate -  Race 5
Flamboyant -  Race 1
Flyin Sid -  Race 8
Franco Cornel -  Race 7
Frankie Jones -  Race 4
Full Of Desire -  Race 6
Galway Girl -  Race 3
Glassy Webb -  Race 9
Glitz And Glam -  Race 5
Hey Tonight -  Race 5
Honour Scroll -  Race 7
Huckabee -  Race 7
Idealingold -  Race 9
Idle Stuartia -  Race 8
Immer Besser -  Race 9
Invisible Girl -  Race 1
Iron Woman -  Race 2
Jeremy Wells -  Race 1
Jesper Fast -  Race 3
Journo -  Race 7
Kennedy -  Race 6
Kowhai Shadow -  Race 7
Krystal Delight -  Race 7
Loyalist -  Race 4
Magnifique Dimanche -  Race 3
Major Collect -  Race 9
Major Purchase -  Race 5
Major Wilson -  Race 2
Manzini -  Race 2
Mark Dunnett -  Race 1
Martin John -  Race 7
Melando Chief -  Race 5
Missmollygoodgolly -  Race 6
Moody River -  Race 1
Morries Girl -  Race 6
Motor Mouth -  Race 6
Nordy Star -  Race 2
Oliver North -  Race 9
Pacific Clipper -  Race 6
Piece Of Gold -  Race 2
Prodigal Son -  Race 7
Refine -  Race 7
Regal Sierra -  Race 3
Rockin Va Va -  Race 5
Rock'n Kiwi -  Race 5
Royal Diedre -  Race 3
Royal Jester -  Race 4
Ruby's A Delight -  Race 1
Sam's Town -  Race 4
Sassy Star -  Race 3
Senorita Margarita -  Race 1
Shards In Manhattan -  Race 9
Sheelasinleague -  Race 7
Sheeza Purla -  Race 5
She's Got Style -  Race 6
Shes So Right -  Race 8
Shiffty -  Race 8
Sing To Me -  Race 9
Sir Monty -  Race 5
Skidaddle -  Race 4
Smudgee -  Race 8
Songbird -  Race 7
Sonoma Tyron -  Race 8
Southerly Change -  Race 4
Southern Storm -  Race 2
South Park -  Race 8
Styx Sweetie -  Race 9
Superfast Gorsey -  Race 8
Tairlaw Toll -  Race 4
Taliesin -  Race 5
Tas Girl Bromac -  Race 6
Taurus Bromac -  Race 7
Tedesco -  Race 8
Terror Maria -  Race 4
The Cobbler -  Race 5
The Conqueror -  Race 4
The Go To Man -  Race 1
The Peacemaker -  Race 7
The Terrorfier -  Race 9
Tom Martin -  Race 4
Tres Magnifique -  Race 8
Unfazed -  Race 9
Victor Bravo -  Race 5
Von Art -  Race 1
Westar Molly -  Race 6
Will He Rock -  Race 9