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Wyndham Harness Racing Club Inc

Meeting: Trials Meeting (Day 1) at Young Quinn Raceway, Wyndham
Last updated 15/05/2019 at 16:54 pm
Please note Trial and Workout videos are uploaded as soon as they are made available to HRNZ.
Race Number:
Race 1
Time Required:


Distance: 1609m   Weather: Fine  Track: Good  
Participants for Race 1: 2YO MOBILE PACE.
14The Ideal Touch4fr1-58.7N P WilliamsonG F Knight & Mrs J G Knight
23TATHRA3fr1-59.1K N LarsenK N Larsen
31Leconte1fr1-59.5C R FergusonC R Ferguson
42Tuapeka Jessie2fr2-00.4E E Barron (J)C J Barron
55SOCIAL CLUB5fr2-04.3J Campbell (J)R G Ferguson
2 lengths, 2 lengths, 4 1/2 lengths
Mile Rate: 1-58.7 Last 800m: 58.2 Last 400m: 27.7

Qualifiers Breedings:

K N Larsen, Branxholme
Michelle Larsen, G L Smith
R J McFarlane
2016 2 Br g Mach Three - Socialiser   (by D M Dilinger)
R G Ferguson, Wyndham
R G Ferguson, Mrs S M Ferguson
Socialiser (2009) Limited
Race Number:
Race 2
Time Required:


Distance: 2400m   Weather: Fine  Track: Good  
Participants for Race 2: QUALIFYING MOBILE PACE.
18HUNTAWAY3fr3-02.0N P WilliamsonB D McIntyre
27SURAZAL2fr3-02.8A D MilneC R Laurenson
310WATCHENWAIT5fr3-03.0K L BarclayMrs K L Barclay & P M Ellis
49Laterintheday4fr3-03.1A J HollandA J Holland
56Brilliant Easton1fr3-13.9B M NormanB M Norman
4 lengths, 1 1/2 lengths, 1 1/2 lengths
Mile Rate: 2-02.0 Last 800m: 58.9 Last 400m: 29.4

Qualifiers Breedings:

B D McIntyre, Riversdale
B D McIntyre, Mrs S A McIntyre, C J McIntyre
B D McIntyre,Mrs S A McIntyre,C J McIntyre
2015 3 B g Sir Lincoln - Coughton Court   (by McArdle)
C R Laurenson, Edendale
D J McLeish, Miss K S Elliott
M J Stratford
2015 3 B f American Ideal - Maria's Sign   (by Life Sign)
Mrs K L Barclay & P M Ellis, Tisbury
S W Cook
Mrs J A Ray
Race Number:
Race 3
Time Required:


Distance: 2400m   Weather: Fine  Track: Good  
Participants for Race 3: QUALIFYING MOBILE PACE.
113Sa Fact3fr3-08.0N P WilliamsonB D McIntyre
212HOKURI PLATTER2fr3-08.3A L StratfordA L Stratford
311Airwaves1fr3-09.2A D MilneC R Laurenson
414COME A KNOCKIN4fr3-09.5K N LarsenC R Laurenson
Disq15Mighty George5fr3-07.9B M NormanB M Norman
Mighty George disqualified from 1st
1 1/2 lengths, 4 1/2 lengths, 1 1/2 lengths
Mile Rate: 2-06.0 Last 800m: 58.7 Last 400m: 29.7

Qualifiers Breedings:

A L Stratford, Gore
Wazzanme Syndicate
Ryder Bloodstock Limited
2014 4 Bl g Washington VC - Aquinaah   (by Tinted Cloud)
C R Laurenson, Edendale
R A Knight, Mrs D M Knight
R A Knight,Mrs D M Knight
Race Number:
Race 4
Time Required:


Distance: 2400m   Weather: Fine  Track: Good  
Participants for Race 4: QUALIFYING TROT.
11Sekkie Monkey1fr3-21.5N P WilliamsonMiss A L Hoffman
24Willangus Lad4fr3-21.5R H SwainR E Wilson
32Bonnies Delight2fr3-24.7A J HollandR E Wilson
43Mr Olympus3fr3-49.6C L GrahamO L Lawrence
1/2 head, 16 lengths, distance
Mile Rate: 2-15.0 Last 800m: 63.1 Last 400m: 31.1
Race Number:
Race 5

TROT. (Up to R55)

Distance: 2400m   Weather: Fine  Track: Good  
Participants for Race 5: TROT. (Up to R55)
16Crusher CollinsU1fr3-09.5N P WilliamsonL J Bond
25Wayward Roc1frB M NormanB M Norman
37My AmourU2frJ V DouglasJ V Douglas
3/4 length, 1 1/4 lengths
Mile Rate: 2-07.0 Last 800m: 59.8 Last 400m: 29.6
Race Number:
Race 6

MOBILE PACE. (Up to R55)

Distance: 2400m   Weather: Fine  Track: Good  
Participants for Race 6: MOBILE PACE. (Up to R55)
SCR8Mighty George1    
Runner Index
Airwaves -  Race 3
Archman -  Race 6
Bonnies Delight -  Race 4
Brilliant Easton -  Race 2
Come A Knockin -  Race 3
Crusher Collins -  Race 5
Hokuri Platter -  Race 3
Huntaway -  Race 2
Laterintheday -  Race 2
Leconte -  Race 1
Mighty George -  Race 3 Race 6
Mr Olympus -  Race 4
My Amour -  Race 5
Sa Fact -  Race 3
Sekkie Monkey -  Race 4
Social Club -  Race 1
Surazal -  Race 2
Tathra -  Race 1
The Ideal Touch -  Race 1
Tuapeka Jessie -  Race 1
Watchenwait -  Race 2
Wayward Roc -  Race 5
Willangus Lad -  Race 4