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Oamaru Harness Racing Club Inc

Last updated 19/05/2019 at 14:51 pm
END OF JEWELS QUALIFYING (Day 1) at Oamaru Racecourse
Chairperson of Stewards:
Shane Renault


Sunday, 19 May
Meeting 8
Races 1 & 2; 3 & 4; 5 & 6; 7 & 8; 9 & 10
Races 1, 2 & 3; 4, 5 & 6; 8, 9 & 10
Races 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10
Races 2-5 inclusive; 7-10 inclusive
Races 5-10 inclusive
Race Number:
Race 1
Race Time:


$9340, NON-WINNERS 2YO & OLDER, 2600m

Participants for Race 1: FAT SALLY'S PUB & RESTAURANT TROT
Notifiable Gear Changes: Lane's Ace: P-Off, Sweet Jeweliette: P-Off   Legend
1DD's Super Stuart00DD's Super Stuart   4gMR481 Front Jeremy MarkhamC J Markham  
2Ayutthaya0077X7Ayutthaya   6gMR432 Front Laura McKay(J)M J Denton  
3The Gardener's Pride92The Gardener's Pride   5mMR493 Front Blair OrangeMiss D M Ottley  
4Ken's Dream840004Ken's Dream   6gMR404 Front Lionel DobbsL G Dobbs  
5Folly's Trouble373377Folly's Trouble   4mMR435 Front Ricky MayM G Heenan  
6Sweet Jeweliette883689Sweet Jeweliette   5mMR406 Front Jonny CoxN G Chalmers  
7QuaestorP9X052Quaestor   4mMR407 Front Kimberly Butt(J)P M Anderson  
8B K Dover500B K Dover   3fMR488 Front John DunnJ D Harrington  
9Simone De Beauvoir0Simone De Beauvoir   2fMR509 Front      
10Be Bee Lass97X745Be Bee Lass   4mMR4010 Front Robbie CloseC Buchan  
11Majicion478006Majicion   4mMR43U1 Front Craig ThornleyD L Williamson  
12Lane's Ace5049Lane's Ace   4gMR48U2 Front Samantha OttleyMiss D M Ottley  
13Majestic Rose504823Majestic Rose   4mMR43U3 Front Nathan WilliamsonMrs K L Kelly  
14Jimmy Carter623Jimmy Carter   4gMR49U4 Front Matthew WilliamsonP M Williamson  
Race Number:
Race 2
Race Time:


$9180, NON-WINNERS 2YO & OLDER, 2000m

For 3yo-&-older pacers.

Notifiable Gear Changes: Sagano: BL-On, Woodlea AC: BL-On   Legend
1Le TissierLe Tissier  (E2) 3gMR501 Front Robbie HolmesR D Holmes  
2Woodlea AC86Woodlea AC   3gMR482 Front Robbie CloseR D Close  
3Olive Cook830X04Olive Cook   4mMR453 Front Tim WilliamsP J Robertson  
4Millwood Bonnie702Millwood Bonnie   3fMR484 Front Matt AndersonS A Dolan  
5Hilarious Prince598X04Hilarious Prince   3gMR475 Front John DunnJ D Harrington  
6Sagano749XSagano   3fMR486 Front Kimberly Butt(J)J W Cox  
7Iron Woman700085Iron Woman   6mMR407 Front John Morrison(J)Mrs K L Kelly  
8Dr Susan3732Dr Susan   2fMR498 Front      
9Midas Touch657573Midas Touch   3gMR479 Front      
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Nans Choice050900Nans Choice   4mMR4010 Front Blair OrangeMiss A L Hoffman  
11Huckabee9Huckabee   5gMR4911 Front Matthew WilliamsonC P Harrison  
12Jamies Bad Boy36X705Jamies Bad Boy   5gMR4012 Front Brad WilliamsonC Buchan  
13Dina Bolt32Dina Bolt   2cMR5013 Front      
14Night Lights408965Night Lights   4mMR4014 Front Craig ThornleyJ Anderson  
15Mila KunisMila Kunis  (E1) 3fMR5015 Front      
16Franco Hatton028208Franco Hatton   5gMR4016 Front Sheree Tomlinson(J)L R Smart  
Race Number:
Race 3
Race Time:


$9500, NON-WINNERS 3YO & OLDER, 2600m

Participants for Race 3: ONE SMART COFFEE PACE
Notifiable Gear Changes: Living Fantasy: SL-On, Out Of The Shadows: BL-Off, SL-On, Shez Gorgeous: ACD-Off, P-On   Legend
1Living Fantasy563968Living Fantasy   5mMR431 Front Matthew WilliamsonS R Allen  
2Lightfoot LadyLightfoot Lady   4mMR502 Front Jonny CoxJ W Cox  
3My Night SkyMy Night Sky   5gMR503 Front Graeme TelferG C Telfer  
4Shez Gorgeous050Shez Gorgeous   3fMR484 Front Terry ChmielT S & Mrs G S Chmiel  
5Out Of The Shadows090660Out Of The Shadows   4gMR405 Front Samantha OttleyT A Harkness  
6Bombshell900509Bombshell   4mMR406 Front Tim WilliamsM E Howard  
7Victor Tango272383Victor Tango   8gMR407 Front John Morrison(J)R W Bennett  
8It's A ShawthingX00076It's A Shawthing  (E1) 4gMR458 Front Blair OrangeA D Stuart  
9Miss BehavinMiss Behavin   4mMR509 Front Gavin SmithG D Smith  
10Rakagem235359Rakagem   4mMR4010 Front Ellie Barron(J)Miss A L Hoffman  
11Mrs Washington03866Mrs Washington   3fMR4611 Front Ricky MayB R Hill  
12Chalberg00550Chalberg   4gMR4612 Front      
13Dalness Arizona08X58Dalness Arizona   5gMR4613 Front Ben Hope(J)G P & Mrs N M Hope  
14The Guild7The Guild   3gMR4914 Front      
15Loissonya89940XLoissonya   4mMR4015 Front Jessica YoungB R Negus  
16Shotgun Wedding400800Shotgun Wedding  (E2) 4mMR4416 Front      
17Ultimate Swift632007Ultimate Swift   4mMR4017 Front Darren Keast(J)D J Keast  
Race Number:
Race 4
Race Time:


$9000, R40 TO R48, 2000m

For R40 to R48 pacers.

Participants for Race 4: PGG WRIGHTSON MOBILE PACE
Notifiable Gear Changes: Chief Kapai: SL-On, Ruby Tues Bay: SL-On   Legend
1Ruby Tues Bay974509Ruby Tues Bay   4mR451 Front Chris McDowellC McDowell  
2The Maroon Marauder000X64The Maroon Marauder   6gR452 Front Matthew WilliamsonB K Mowbray  
3I'm Jimmy James454085I'm Jimmy James   5gR423 Front Jonny CoxJ W Cox  
4Alexy758093Alexy  (E1) 9gR404 Front Jessica YoungW D O'Connell  
5Dying To See You052000Dying To See You  (E2) 8gR435 Front      
6Hot Starff424065Hot Starff   4mR436 Front Ricky MayB J White  
7Mordecai336523Mordecai   8gR407 Front Kerryn Tomlinson(J)K B Ford  
8Ripsnorter074760Ripsnorter   5gR448 Front John Morrison(J)E J Latimer  
9Chief Kapai607904Chief Kapai   10gR409 Front Ben Laughton(J)E J Latimer  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Clifton Tactic2540X0Clifton Tactic   6mR4710 Front Laura McKay(J)M J Denton  
11Rah De Rah435X08Rah De Rah   7gR4611 Front Tim WilliamsP J Robertson  
12Possente CavalloX00763Possente Cavallo   5mR4712 Front      
13Ideologist660372Ideologist   5gR4713 Front Blair OrangeP J Robertson  
14Knockmanaugh000865Knockmanaugh   7gR4814 Front Brent BarclayMiss A L Hoffman  
15Flyingmasterwilliams33681XFlyingmasterwilliams   6gR4815 Front Leo O'ReillyL F O'Reilly  
16Rozzano9062P0Rozzano   7mR4216 Front Sheree Tomlinson(J)K B Ford  
Race Number:
Race 5
Race Time:


$8460, 4YO & OLDER R40 TO R63 JUN.DRV, 2600m

For R40 to R63 4yo-&-older pacers. This race is for Junior Drivers only and has a Preferential Barrier Draw Based on: Rating using the track grid. Rating Penalty Free Race.

Notifiable Gear Changes: Playboy Prince: SL-On   Legend
Horse Movements: Miss Pinocchio to Bob Butt at Woodend Beach
1Vigoroso07757PVigoroso   5gR401 Front Rebecca Heads(J)W D O'Connell  
2Playboy Prince54X008Playboy Prince   7gR402 Front Ben Laughton(J)E J Latimer  
3Beaudiene Gambler500089Beaudiene Gambler   8gR403 Front Laura McKay(J)D S Reardon  
4Alexy758093Alexy   9gR404 Front      
5Dying To See You052000Dying To See You   8gR435 Front      
6Best Of The Bunch48759XBest Of The Bunch   9gR576 Front Sarah O'Reilly(J)Miss N M Bishop  
7Double O Heaven515443Double O Heaven   4mR617 Front Korbyn Newman(J)B R Hill  
8Four Starzzz Shiraz2X1450Four Starzzz Shiraz   8gR628 Front Kimberly Butt(J)B K Mowbray  
9Feel The Money316722Feel The Money   4mR639 Front Ben Hope(J)R J Dunn  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Miss Pinocchio317F40Miss Pinocchio   4mR5810 Front      
11Paul's Verdict326585Paul's Verdict   7gR5211 Front Ellie Barron(J)Mrs S D Mounce  
12Sharnae97X105Sharnae   5mR5612 Front Kerryn Tomlinson(J)B K Mowbray  
13Change Is Good00P211Change Is Good   4mR6113 Front John Morrison(J)M P Kerr  
14Aveross Rustler441001Aveross Rustler   10gR6214 Front Darren Keast(J)W R Low  
Race Number:
Race 6
Race Time:


$9000, 2YO & OLDER R49 TO R55, 2000m

For R49 to R55 2yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 6: PICK & SHOVEL WINE MOBILE PACE
Notifiable Gear Changes: Canstar: BL-Off, Glenthorne: BL-Off, SL-On, The Ideal Touch: SL-On   Legend
1Glenthorne722148Glenthorne   3gR541 Front Gavin SmithK K Chapman  
2Playboy Prince54X008Playboy Prince  (E1) 7gR402 Front      
3Prince Art1X3Prince Art   3gR553 Front Tim WilliamsC T Dalgety  
4Rocknroll King178030Rocknroll King   3gR514 Front Jonny CoxJ W Cox  
5Den's Legacy064836Den's Legacy   5gR535 Front      
6Beaudiene Gambler500089Beaudiene Gambler  (E2) 8gR406 Front      
7Ultimate Rocker772845Ultimate Rocker   3gR527 Front      
8Get It OnX50560Get It On   5gR498 Front Matthew WilliamsonD P Love  
9Just Wondering413056Just Wondering   3gR539 Front      
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Stinger Lindenny01Stinger Lindenny   3gR5510 Front John DunnM P Kerr  
11Canstar451475Canstar   3fR5111 Front Terry ChmielT S & Mrs G S Chmiel  
12Clive055077Clive   7gR5512 Front Ben Hope(J)Don Ross  
13The Ideal Touch71The Ideal Touch   2gR5413 Front Brad WilliamsonG F Knight & Mrs J G Knight  
14Pay Me Visa989195Pay Me Visa   7gR5314 Front Blair OrangeA D Stuart  
15Sweeney Todd335000Sweeney Todd   4gR5015 Front      
16Donegal Gilbert90X15Donegal Gilbert   4gR5516 Front Ricky MayB R Hill  
Race Number:
Race 7
Race Time:


$9000, 2YO & OLDER F&M UP TO & INCLUDING R55, 2000m

For up to & including R55 pacing fillies & mares.

Notifiable Gear Changes: Countess Of Arden: ACD-On, Loma Jaccka: BL-Off, SL-On   Legend
1Queenofdance65X406Queenofdance   3fR491 Front Sheree Tomlinson(J)M P Jones  
2Countess Of Arden0070X0Countess Of Arden   3fR462 Front Tim WilliamsG R Dunn  
3Classie Margaret381006Classie Margaret   5mR533 Front Jonny CoxH T Galway  
4A Taste Of Honey631A Taste Of Honey   2fR534 Front John DunnM P Kerr  
5With The Band220109With The Band   4mR525 Front Leo O'ReillyC McDowell  
6Georgie Martin071034Georgie Martin   4mR556 Front      
7Sounds Bettor316908Sounds Bettor   5mR557 Front Matthew WilliamsonG F Knight & Mrs J G Knight  
8Shecandance649612Shecandance   3fR538 Front Gavin SmithR J Dunn  
9Loma Jaccka315440Loma Jaccka   5mR519 Front Brent BarclayB R Gray  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Hold On Arizona218708Hold On Arizona   7mR4710 Front Blair OrangeN S Taylor  
11Mini Mine Yet33277XMini Mine Yet   3fR5311 Front Sarah O'Reilly(J)G D O'Reilly  
12Delightful Tanner0445X9Delightful Tanner   5mR5412 Front Katie CoxMs K M Cox  
Race Number:
Race 8
Race Time:


$9000, 3YO & OLDER R40 TO R55, 2600m

For R40 to R55 trotters.

Participants for Race 8: DAVID OVENS BUILDING TROT
Horse Movements: Mickey Jay to Jack Harrington at Swannanoa
1Don't Look Back003094Don't Look Back   7mR401 Front John DunnD J Gillespie  
2Stellar Success289457Stellar Success   7mR442 Front John Morrison(J)M G Heenan  
3Christmas Babe402716Christmas Babe   3fR483 Front Brad WilliamsonA K Black  
4Bono Hest807455Bono Hest   9gR404 Front Ellie Barron(J)R G Hanson  
5Don't Rock The Boat480004Don't Rock The Boat   6gR515 Front Olivia Thornley(J)R S Thornley  
6Skyline65X216Skyline   4gR526 Front Tim WilliamsG R Dunn  
7Red Harbour020332Red Harbour   4gR407 Front Craig ThornleyK M James  
8Geena's Girl56P80XGeena's Girl  (E2) 5mR498 Front      
9Midnight Sioux098X09Midnight Sioux  (E3) 5gR509 Front      
10Desert Wings318207Desert Wings   4mR4910 Front Colin DeFilippiC J & J DeFilippi  
11Break Out550059Break Out   4mR5411 Front Sarah O'Reilly(J)G D O'Reilly  
12Diana Harbour000933Diana Harbour   8mR4012 Front Ricky MayP C McClelland  
13Humble Ladd67X803Humble Ladd   4gR46U1 Front Rory McIlwrickP M Williamson  
14Topnotch Titan010000Topnotch Titan  (E4) 9gR44U2 Front      
15Mickey Jay0XP05PMickey Jay  (E1) 7gR44U3 Front Robbie HolmesE J Latimer  
16Jaccka Jeorge4091Jaccka Jeorge   3gR55U4 Front Nathan WilliamsonB R Gray  
17Sugar Cane774625Sugar Cane   7mR43U5 Front David McCormickD D McCormick  
18Jerry Garcia433224Jerry Garcia   9gR53U6 Front Leo O'ReillyL F O'Reilly  
19Gorilla Playboy267306Gorilla Playboy   9gR47U7 Front      
Race Number:
Race 9
Race Time:


$9500, 3YO & OLDER R40 TO R70 SPECIAL, 2600m

For R40 to R70 pacers. Front: R40 to R55. 15m: R56 to R63. 25m: R64 to R70.

1Countess Of Arden0070X0Countess Of Arden   3fR461 Front      
2Gotta Future236810Gotta Future   5mR552 Front John DunnMs W R Stevenson  
3Billy Klondike069X07Billy Klondike   8gR403 Front Sarah O'Reilly(J)Miss N M Bishop  
4Aveross Ferrari050070Aveross Ferrari   6gR404 Front Jessica YoungW D O'Connell  
5Hold On Arizona218708Hold On Arizona   7mR47U1 Front      
6Bakari28X00XBakari   5gR60115mGavin SmithG D Smith  
7Shadow Minister31240XShadow Minister   4gR61215mLeo O'ReillyL F O'Reilly  
8Pats Dragon575738Pats Dragon   5gR62315mNathan WilliamsonW P Robertson  
9Donegal Art Chokin183435Donegal Art Chokin   3fR57415mRicky MayB R Hill  
10Kingslayer49538XKingslayer   5gR60U115mBen Hope(J)G P & Mrs N M Hope  
11Copperhead Rose79X000Copperhead Rose   5hR65125mJamie KeastD A Jones  
12Nota Bene Denario347314Nota Bene Denario   4gR65225mBrent BarclayB R Gray  
13Sweet Mary492211Sweet Mary   4mR68U125mMatthew WilliamsonB K Mowbray  
Race Number:
Race 10
Race Time:



For R56 & faster trotters.

Participants for Race 10: SPRINGBANK HANDICAP TROT
Horse Movements: Overzealous to Steven McRae at West Melton
1Redwood Invasion8758X6Redwood Invasion   8gR561 Front Robbie HolmesR D Holmes  
2Ideal Invasion511199Ideal Invasion   6gR612 Front Sarah O'Reilly(J)J J Clementson  
3Zsa Zoe210960Zsa Zoe   4mR603 Front      
4Breenys Cullen9375PXBreenys Cullen   7mR614 Front Matthew WilliamsonN S Taylor  
5Overzealous426141Overzealous   3fR635 Front      
6Get Lucky317721Get Lucky   3gR65510mBrad WilliamsonA K Black  
7Lone Star Lad122120Lone Star Lad  (E1) 4gR546 Front      
8Agatha Tyron2364P5Agatha Tyron   6mR567 Front John Morrison(J)P G O'Reilly  
9Alvira Hest907868Alvira Hest   7mR628 Front Blair OrangeA W Faulks  
10Robbie Royale241P21Robbie Royale   5gR62U1 Front Brent BarclayB R Gray  
11One Over Da Skye210388One Over Da Skye   4mR60U2 Front Ricky MayG P & Mrs N M Hope  
12Neverneverland536123Neverneverland   6gR58U3 Front Colin DeFilippiMiss L D Robertson  
13Clifden Clowers632647Clifden Clowers   10gR64110mRobbie CloseMrs S D Mounce  
14Globe Trekker0224P8Globe Trekker   4gR66210m      
15We'll Meet Again569557We'll Meet Again   9mR70310mJustin SmithMrs L A Smith & J W Smith  
16Beyond The Horizon4600X8Beyond The Horizon   7gR66410mLeo O'ReillyMrs L A Smith & J W Smith  
Runner Index
Agatha Tyron -  Race 10
Alexy -  Race 4 Race 5
Alvira Hest -  Race 10
A Taste Of Honey -  Race 7
Aveross Ferrari -  Race 9
Aveross Rustler -  Race 5
Ayutthaya -  Race 1
Bakari -  Race 9
Beaudiene Gambler -  Race 5 Race 6
Be Bee Lass -  Race 1
Best Of The Bunch -  Race 5
Beyond The Horizon -  Race 10
Billy Klondike -  Race 9
B K Dover -  Race 1
Bombshell -  Race 3
Bono Hest -  Race 8
Break Out -  Race 8
Breenys Cullen -  Race 10
Canstar -  Race 6
Chalberg -  Race 3
Change Is Good -  Race 5
Chief Kapai -  Race 4
Christmas Babe -  Race 8
Classie Margaret -  Race 7
Clifden Clowers -  Race 10
Clifton Tactic -  Race 4
Clive -  Race 6
Copperhead Rose -  Race 9
Countess Of Arden -  Race 7 Race 9
Dalness Arizona -  Race 3
DD's Super Stuart -  Race 1
Delightful Tanner -  Race 7
Den's Legacy -  Race 6
Desert Wings -  Race 8
Diana Harbour -  Race 8
Dina Bolt -  Race 2
Donegal Art Chokin -  Race 9
Donegal Gilbert -  Race 6
Don't Look Back -  Race 8
Don't Rock The Boat -  Race 8
Double O Heaven -  Race 5
Dr Susan -  Race 2
Dying To See You -  Race 4 Race 5
Feel The Money -  Race 5
Flyingmasterwilliams -  Race 4
Folly's Trouble -  Race 1
Four Starzzz Shiraz -  Race 5
Franco Hatton -  Race 2
Geena's Girl -  Race 8
Georgie Martin -  Race 7
Get It On -  Race 6
Get Lucky -  Race 10
Glenthorne -  Race 6
Globe Trekker -  Race 10
Gorilla Playboy -  Race 8
Gotta Future -  Race 9
Hilarious Prince -  Race 2
Hold On Arizona -  Race 7 Race 9
Hot Starff -  Race 4
Huckabee -  Race 2
Humble Ladd -  Race 8
Ideal Invasion -  Race 10
Ideologist -  Race 4
I'm Jimmy James -  Race 4
Iron Woman -  Race 2
It's A Shawthing -  Race 3
Jaccka Jeorge -  Race 8
Jamies Bad Boy -  Race 2
Jerry Garcia -  Race 8
Jimmy Carter -  Race 1
Just Wondering -  Race 6
Ken's Dream -  Race 1
Kingslayer -  Race 9
Knockmanaugh -  Race 4
Lane's Ace -  Race 1
Le Tissier -  Race 2
Lightfoot Lady -  Race 3
Living Fantasy -  Race 3
Loissonya -  Race 3
Loma Jaccka -  Race 7
Lone Star Lad -  Race 10
Majestic Rose -  Race 1
Majicion -  Race 1
Mickey Jay -  Race 8
Midas Touch -  Race 2
Midnight Sioux -  Race 8
Mila Kunis -  Race 2
Millwood Bonnie -  Race 2
Mini Mine Yet -  Race 7
Miss Behavin -  Race 3
Miss Pinocchio -  Race 5
Mordecai -  Race 4
Mrs Washington -  Race 3
My Night Sky -  Race 3
Nans Choice -  Race 2
Neverneverland -  Race 10
Night Lights -  Race 2
Nota Bene Denario -  Race 9
Olive Cook -  Race 2
One Over Da Skye -  Race 10
Out Of The Shadows -  Race 3
Overzealous -  Race 10
Pats Dragon -  Race 9
Paul's Verdict -  Race 5
Pay Me Visa -  Race 6
Playboy Prince -  Race 5 Race 6
Possente Cavallo -  Race 4
Prince Art -  Race 6
Quaestor -  Race 1
Queenofdance -  Race 7
Rah De Rah -  Race 4
Rakagem -  Race 3
Red Harbour -  Race 8
Redwood Invasion -  Race 10
Ripsnorter -  Race 4
Robbie Royale -  Race 10
Rocknroll King -  Race 6
Rozzano -  Race 4
Ruby Tues Bay -  Race 4
Sagano -  Race 2
Shadow Minister -  Race 9
Sharnae -  Race 5
Shecandance -  Race 7
Shez Gorgeous -  Race 3
Shotgun Wedding -  Race 3
Simone De Beauvoir -  Race 1
Skyline -  Race 8
Sounds Bettor -  Race 7
Stellar Success -  Race 8
Stinger Lindenny -  Race 6
Sugar Cane -  Race 8
Sweeney Todd -  Race 6
Sweet Jeweliette -  Race 1
Sweet Mary -  Race 9
The Gardener's Pride -  Race 1
The Guild -  Race 3
The Ideal Touch -  Race 6
The Maroon Marauder -  Race 4
Topnotch Titan -  Race 8
Ultimate Rocker -  Race 6
Ultimate Swift -  Race 3
Victor Tango -  Race 3
Vigoroso -  Race 5
We'll Meet Again -  Race 10
With The Band -  Race 7
Woodlea AC -  Race 2
Zsa Zoe -  Race 10