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Methven Trotting Club Inc

Last updated 11/04/2021 at 14:53 pm
FRONT STRAIGHT STARTS MEETING (Day 1) at Mt Harding Racecourse , Methven
Chairperson of Stewards:
Paul Williams


Sunday, 11 April
Meeting 8
Races 1 & 2; 3 & 4; 5 & 6; 7 & 8; 9 & 10; 11 & 12
Races 1, 2 & 3; 4, 5 & 6; 7, 8 & 9; 10, 11 & 12
Races 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12
Races 2-5 inclusive; 9-12 inclusive
Races 7-12 inclusive
Race Number:
Race 1
Race Time:


$8840, NON-WINNERS 3YO & OLDER, 1700m

Participants for Race 1: DOUG McCORMICK MEMORIAL TROT
1Ella Of MotElla Of Mot7633003300Ella Of Mot   5mMR431 FtLawrence McCormickL McCormickLawrence McCormick  
2Trixton TimeTrixton TimeX035333533Trixton Time   4gMR462 FtSarah O'Reilly(J)S O'Reilly(J)Cran & Chrissie Dalgety  
3Samantha BeeSamantha Bee00X409X409Samantha Bee   5mMR463 FtSheree Tomlinson(J)S Tomlinson(J)Jason & Amber Lethaby  
4Tahir TroubleTahir Trouble5050Tahir Trouble   4gMR494 FtMichael HeenanM HeenanMichael Heenan  
5That's EntertainmentThat's Entertainment9595That's Entertainment   3fMR495 FtJack HarringtonJ HarringtonJack Harrington  
6Toobusy Being FamousToobusy Being Famous4242Toobusy Being Famous   6gMR506 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyTracey Healy  
7Brandy And DryBrandy And Dry0954765476Brandy And Dry   4mMR407 FtScott Iremonger(J)S Iremonger(J)Dave Iremonger  
8Cheeky MonkeyCheeky Monkey00X000X000Cheeky Monkey  (E5) 5mMR458 Ft        
9Inquizitive ManInquizitive Man00X500X50Inquizitive Man  (E4) 4gMR479 Ft        
10The FutureThe Future33The Future   5mMR5010 FtTerry ChmielT ChmielStephen Boyd  
11Jay Bee And LouJay Bee And Lou9X87X287X2Jay Bee And Lou   5gMR4211 FtRicky MayR MayRebecca Heads  
12Tinted StuartTinted Stuart0606Tinted Stuart  (E3) 5gMR4812 Ft        
13MyshoutMyshout66Myshout  (E1) 4mMR4913 FtSam Thornley(J)S Thornley(J)Dean Taylor  
14Goose HealyGoose Healy9087688768Goose Healy   9gMR4014 FtNeil BurtonR BurtonJohn Withell  
15ShifftyShiffty3235393539Shiffty   4gMR46U1 Ft        
16Top Hat And TailsTop Hat And Tails072072Top Hat And Tails   3fMR48U2 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeKen Barron  
17Majestic UpstartMajestic Upstart77Majestic Upstart   4mMR49U3 FtStephen McNallyS McNallyBrent White  
18Bourbon On The RocksBourbon On The Rocks6029792979Bourbon On The Rocks  (E2) 7gMR41U4 Ft        
19Latina HallLatina Hall47X47XLatina Hall   5mMR49U5 FtGerard O'ReillyG O'ReillyMichael Heenan  
Race Number:
Race 2
Race Time:


$8840, NON-WINNERS 3YO & OLDER MR40 TO MR46, 1700m

For MR40 to MR46 3yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 2: SHEARMAC ALUMINIUM PACE
Notifiable Gear Changes: Bromac Hype: BL-Off, SL-On, Don't Write Me Off: BL-On, Nadira Franco: SL-On   Legend
1Don't Write Me OffDon't Write Me Off098X998X9Don't Write Me Off   3gMR461 FtJo HerbertJ HerbertColin & Julie DeFilippi  
2Bromac HypeBromac Hype4404300430Bromac Hype   5mMR402 FtRicky MayR MaySimon Adlam  
3EvidentlyEvidently5300970097Evidently  (E2) 5gMR403 Ft        
4Full Of DesireFull Of Desire8252065206Full Of Desire   4mMR414 FtBrent BorcoskieB BorcoskieBrent Borcoskie  
5Nadira FrancoNadira Franco8070687068Nadira Franco   6mMR405 FtHayley ClarkeH ClarkeSteve & Hayley Clarke  
6Rocknizzy RulzRocknizzy Rulz7478647864Rocknizzy Rulz   4mMR436 Ft        
7DancemysterDancemyster0005900590Dancemyster   4gMR437 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyBen Waldron  
8Franco HattonFranco Hatton0708090809Franco Hatton   7gMR408 FtMark Hurrell(J)M Hurrell(J)Leslie Smart  
9Dalness FirstDalness First7905800580Dalness First  (E1) 4mMR409 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeGreg & Nina Hope  
10KennedyKennedyX460236023Kennedy   7gMR4010 FtJim CurtinJ CurtinSue Blake  
11BuckinghamBuckingham8859925992Buckingham   8gMR4411 FtMatthew WilliamsonM WilliamsonRobbie Holmes  
12Piece Of GoldPiece Of Gold0073467346Piece Of Gold   3gMR4412 FtRoss CameronR CameronKen Dixon  
13Daggy LambDaggy Lamb9323652365Daggy Lamb   4gMR4513 FtLeo O'ReillyL O'ReillyDaniel Reardon  
14Yankee JayYankee Jay06700670Yankee Jay   4mMR4614 FtJonny CoxJ CoxCoaster Howe  
15You Can Fly ArdenYou Can Fly Arden4065606560You Can Fly Arden   4mMR4615 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyDavid Mitchell  
16TaliesinTaliesin0877057705Taliesin  (E3) 6gMR40U1 Ft        
17Charlie's AceCharlie's Ace4032553255Charlie's Ace   4mMR45U2 FtGemma Thornley(J)G Thornley(J)Chris Thornley  
Race Number:
Race 3
Race Time:


$8840, NON-WINNERS 3YO & OLDER, 1609m

For 3yo-&-older pacers.

Notifiable Gear Changes: Gypsy: SL-On, Sophie: SL-On   Legend
1MalditoMaldito2348404840Maldito   6gMR401 FtTim WilliamsT WilliamsVicki Sell  
2SophieSophie988508850Sophie   3fMR452 FtRicky MayR MayJohn McDermott  
3King ArthurKing Arthur7292609260King Arthur   6gMR403 Ft        
4Cristiano BucciniCristiano Buccini3004720472Cristiano Buccini   4gMR444 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyGreg & Nina Hope  
5Rosies TerrorRosies Terror00880X880XRosies Terror   4mMR415 FtGerard O'ReillyG O'ReillyGregory Prendergast  
6AleneAleneAlene   4mMR506 FtLeo O'ReillyL O'ReillyDaniel Reardon  
7ManhattanManhattan27X940X940Manhattan   3fMR477 FtJohn DunnJ R DunnBob Butt  
8Dr KanangaDr KanangaDr Kananga   3gMR508 FtJohn Morrison(J)J Morrison(J)Robbie Holmes  
9Special DreamSpecial Dream7X77X7Special Dream  (E2) 3gMR489 Ft        
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Major CollectMajor Collect55Major Collect   3gMR5010 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyMegan McIntyre  
11Ashes Of DesireAshes Of Desire2095039503Ashes Of Desire   4mMR4411 FtMark SmolenskiM SmolenskiMark Smolenski  
12GypsyGypsy3283438343Gypsy   4mMR4412 FtMatthew WilliamsonM WilliamsonBrad Mowbray  
13Rocket Boy(AUS)Rocket Boy(AUS)8X950X950XRocket Boy(AUS)   3gMR4613 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeMark Jones  
14El TerrorEl Terror88El Terror  (E1) 4hMR4914 FtJo HerbertJ HerbertRob Earle  
15SheezagoldengirlSheezagoldengirl0098439843Sheezagoldengirl   3fMR4015 FtSam Thornley(J)S Thornley(J)Robin Thornley  
16OwhatanightOwhatanight6590039003Owhatanight   4mMR40U1 FtPeter DavisP DavisMargo Nyhan  
Race Number:
Race 4
Race Time:


$8840, NON-WINNERS 3YO & OLDER MR47 TO MR50, 1700m

For MR47 to MR50 3yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 4: HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY KIPP ROSS PACE
Notifiable Gear Changes: Blitzem Bromac: BL-Off, SL-On, Jonty's Brother: BL-Off, Whole Lotta Rosie: BL-Off   Legend
1RollwithitRollwithit6500070007Rollwithit  (E2) 3fMR441 Ft        
2AntoinetteAntoinette700700Antoinette   3fMR472 FtChris McDowellC McDowellChris McDowell  
3Total EclipseTotal Eclipse0X70X7Total Eclipse   3fMR483 FtJohn Morrison(J)J Morrison(J)Stephen Boyd  
4Royal RubyRoyal Ruby09230923Royal Ruby   3fMR484 FtKerry HadfieldK HadfieldKerry Hadfield  
5Cali FrancoCali Franco4444Cali Franco   4mMR505 FtRicky MayR MayRoger Winter  
6PrettyboycobyPrettyboycoby88Prettyboycoby   4gMR496 FtGerard O'ReillyG O'ReillyGrant McStay  
7Blitzem BromacBlitzem Bromac0808Blitzem Bromac  (E1) 3gMR487 FtJack HarringtonJ HarringtonJack Harrington  
8Heaven HelpusHeaven Helpus22Heaven Helpus   3fMR508 FtGavin SmithG SmithGavin Smith  
9MarcianoMarcianoMarciano   4gMR509 FtJessica Young-GrantJ Young-GrantJessica Young-Grant  
10Jonty's BrotherJonty's Brother77Jonty's Brother   3gMR4910 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeFred Fletcher  
11TaurusTaurus333X333XTaurus   3gMR5011 FtJohn HayJ HayJohn Hay  
12Pure CouragePure Courage0707Pure Courage   3gMR4812 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyKevin James  
13CheekygrinCheekygrin9999Cheekygrin   6mMR4813 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyGrant McStay  
14Maren FrancoMaren FrancoMaren Franco   3fMR5014 FtLeo O'ReillyL O'ReillyLeo O'Reilly  
15Fine By MeFine By MeX065796579Fine By Me  (E3) 4mMR4315 Ft        
16Whole Lotta RosieWhole Lotta Rosie29X29XWhole Lotta Rosie   4mMR4916 FtTerry ChmielT ChmielStephen Boyd  
17Sweet HeavenSweet Heaven3535Sweet Heaven   4mMR5017 Ft        
Race Number:
Race 5
Race Time:


$8500, 3YO & OLDER R40 TO R49, WITH COND., 1700m

For R40 to R49 trotters. Also horses with 1 win for lifetime. Selection Preference for this race was given to 1-Win trotters.

Participants for Race 5: MID CANTERBURY TOA TROT
Notifiable Gear Changes: Royal Del: RD-Off, FD-On, BL-On   Legend
1Majestic SunsetMajestic Sunset9043004300Majestic Sunset  (E2) 5gR451 Ft        
2Rogie FallsRogie Falls0995609560Rogie Falls  (E3) 6gR452 Ft        
3SummarsSummars4543144314Summars   5mR533 FtKerryn Tomlinson(J)K Tomlinson(J)Ross Wilson  
4Quik ShotQuik Shot3X00X200X2Quik Shot   4gR514 FtJack HarringtonJ HarringtonJack Harrington  
5SilverliningsSilverlinings1805040504Silverlinings   5mR475 FtBen Hope(J)B Hope(J)Don Burrows  
6Tres MagnifiqueTres Magnifique4009600960Tres Magnifique  (E1) 6mR406 Ft        
7Majestic RollonMajestic Rollon0320872087Majestic Rollon   4mR407 FtAmber LethabyA LethabyJason & Amber Lethaby  
8Go MargGo Marg2322142214Go Marg   8mR478 FtSheree Tomlinson(J)S Tomlinson(J)Bruce Graham  
9This Time GambleThis Time Gamble5607020702This Time Gamble   4gR479 FtJohn DunnJ R DunnRobert Dunn  
10Superfast GorseySuperfast Gorsey0861976197Superfast Gorsey   4gR5110 FtChris ThornleyC R ThornleyChris Thornley  
11Martha StuartMartha Stuart3003430343Martha Stuart   4mR4911 FtTim WilliamsT WilliamsJason & Ian Thomas  
12Harbour QueenHarbour Queen581581Harbour Queen   3fR5312 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyKevin Townley  
13Break FreeBreak Free2651805180Break Free   6gR4613 FtKerry HadfieldK HadfieldKerry Hadfield  
14Line A LoveLine A Love0434283428Line A Love   5mR4514 FtJohn PattersonJ PattersonJohn Patterson  
15Royal DelRoyal Del2909700970Royal Del   3gR4415 FtSam Thornley(J)S Thornley(J)Fred Fletcher  
16DD's Super StuartDD's Super Stuart7037063706DD's Super Stuart   6gR4016 FtJeremy MarkhamJ MarkhamCarl Markham  
17Ready I AmReady I Am1000800080Ready I Am   5gR47U1 FtPhilippa WakelinP WakelinPhilippa Wakelin & Stephen Noble  
Race Number:
Race 6
Race Time:


$8500, 3YO & OLDER R40 TO R44, R45 WITH COND., 1609m

For R40 to R44 3yo-&-older pacers. Also R45 horses with winning stakes up to and including $20500 for lifetime.

Notifiable Gear Changes: Rafa Novak: RD-Off, BL-Off, SL-On, Spicy Girl Becqui: SL-Off, BL-On, Times Are A Changin: BL-Off, SL-On   Legend
Horse Movements: Sonic Reign to Kyle Cameron at Fernside
1TakemybreathawayTakemybreathaway8060736073Takemybreathaway   5mR401 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeFred Scott  
2Pete's DashPete's Dash2763266326Pete's Dash   7gR452 FtJessica Young-GrantJ Young-GrantDenis O'Connell  
3Playboy PrincePlayboy Prince8824092409Playboy Prince   9gR403 FtSheree Tomlinson(J)S Tomlinson(J)Eion Latimer  
4Conquer MeConquer Me0404800480Conquer Me   5mR454 FtRicky MayR MayRobbie Holmes  
5Times Are A ChanginTimes Are A Changin6810081008Times Are A Changin   3fR435 FtJohn DunnJ R DunnBarry Ward  
6Prospect ParkProspect Park4886078607Prospect Park  (E1) 4gR446 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyJamie Gameson  
7Spicy Girl BecquiSpicy Girl Becqui7865876587Spicy Girl Becqui   6mR457 FtMatthew WilliamsonM WilliamsonBrad Mowbray  
8Motoring MajorMotoring Major62X666X666Motoring Major   6gR458 Ft        
9Rick ReillyRick Reilly4000230023Rick Reilly   4gR459 FtTim WilliamsT WilliamsJamie Gameson  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10President PatPresident Pat9760096009President Pat   7gR4110 FtNeil BurtonR BurtonNeil Burton  
11Rafa NovakRafa Novak6880508050Rafa Novak   8gR4011 FtLeo O'ReillyL O'ReillyChris McDowell  
12Changeover JoChangeover Jo0007000700Changeover Jo   7mR4012 FtSam Thornley(J)S Thornley(J)John Withell  
13Jeremy WellsJeremy Wells3607560756Jeremy Wells  (E2) 4gR4213 FtJack HarringtonJ HarringtonJack Harrington  
14Woodlea DiegoWoodlea Diego0685048504Woodlea Diego   4gR4414 FtJohn Morrison(J)J Morrison(J)Thomas Twidle  
15Sonic ReignSonic Reign2052045204Sonic Reign   6gR4515 FtJim CurtinJ CurtinKevin Musso  
16Magical MattyMagical Matty31X096X096Magical Matty   8gR4516 Ft        
Race Number:
Race 7
Race Time:



For R55 & faster pacers.

Notifiable Gear Changes: Dodgethebullet: BL-Off   Legend
Horse Movements: Dodgethebullet to Jonny Cox at Leeston
1No Nukes SkipperNo Nukes Skipper9P97249724No Nukes Skipper   4gR591 FtJohn DunnJ R DunnCam Jones  
2Last Of The MohicansLast Of The Mohicans1114941494Last Of The Mohicans   4gR602 FtRicky MayR MayLaurence Hanrahan  
3Makasar BoyMakasar Boy0125142514Makasar Boy   5gR603 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyDavid Mitchell  
4She's ToughShe's Tough2011P411P4She's Tough   4mR66110mMatthew WilliamsonM WilliamsonBrad Mowbray  
5BuckskinBuckskin8761456145Buckskin   5gR63210mSarah O'Reilly(J)S O'Reilly(J)Robert Davis  
6DhaulagiriDhaulagiri9820142014Dhaulagiri   4gR61310mJonny CoxJ CoxCoaster Howe  
7Homebush LadHomebush Lad4934313431Homebush Lad   7gR66410mBen Hope(J)B Hope(J)Greg & Nina Hope  
8DodgethebulletDodgethebullet8516131613Dodgethebullet   7gR62510mMark Hurrell(J)M Hurrell(J)Amber Hoffman  
9ManjimupManjimup5100190019Manjimup   4gR64U110mRoss CameronR CameronSteve Harding  
10Mikey MaguireMikey Maguire7468066806Mikey Maguire   7gR68120mBlair OrangeB OrangeFred Fletcher  
11Back In BlackBack In Black59X660X660Back In Black   6gR68U120mTerry ChmielT ChmielStephen Boyd  
Race Number:
Race 8
Race Time:


$9000, 3YO & OLDER FILLIES & MARES R45 TO R59, 1609m

For R45 to R59 pacing fillies & mares. Preferential Barrier Draw Based on: Rating then Winning Stakes using the track grid. This race was selected on Ratings (highest to lowest).

Notifiable Gear Changes: Baileys Diamond: SL-On, Invisible Girl: BL-On   Legend
Horse Movements: Jazelle to Dean Taylor at Ladbrooks
1MajorcaMajorca6005330533Majorca   5mR471 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyJamie Gameson  
2Invisible GirlInvisible Girl4812041204Invisible Girl   6mR492 FtJim CurtinJ CurtinBruce Hutton  
3KusanovaKusanova5545024502Kusanova   5mR503 FtMatthew WilliamsonM WilliamsonTrent Yesberg  
4Baileys DiamondBaileys Diamond8054595459Baileys Diamond   4mR504 FtSarah O'Reilly(J)S O'Reilly(J)Dean Taylor  
5Am I DreamingAm I Dreaming175287528Am I Dreaming   3fR515 FtJonny CoxJ CoxHayden Galway  
6RocknsnapRocknsnap6266016601Rocknsnap   4mR566 FtJohn Morrison(J)J Morrison(J)Gavin Burgess  
7Immer BesserImmer Besser3408710871Immer Besser   4mR567 FtGerard O'ReillyG O'ReillyKevin Townley  
8Terror MariaTerror Maria8430953095Terror Maria   4mR598 FtTim WilliamsT WilliamsBob Butt  
9QueenofdanceQueenofdance8241324132Queenofdance   5mR599 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyMark Jones  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Not Really BlondeNot Really Blonde1500100010Not Really Blonde   5mR5610 FtRoss CameronR CameronRobert David  
11Senorita MargaritaSenorita Margarita3462106210Senorita Margarita   7mR5311 FtJessica Young-GrantJ Young-GrantBruce Negus  
12Passion And PowerPassion And Power1827092709Passion And Power   3fR5412 FtJohn DunnJ R DunnRobert Dunn  
13JazelleJazelle9213101310Jazelle   5mR5813 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeMurray Pash  
14Who Made WhoWho Made WhoX184308430Who Made Who   4mR57U1 FtTerry ChmielT ChmielStephen Boyd  
Race Number:
Race 9
Race Time:


$8500, 3YO & OLDER R50 TO R54, 1609m

For R50 to R54 3yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 9: PAT McGIRR MEMORIAL MOBILE PACE
1Duffy HollowDuffy Hollow4340134013Duffy Hollow   3gR541 FtTim WilliamsT WilliamsPaul Kerr  
2Johnny EyreJohnny Eyre4744084408Johnny Eyre   10gR512 FtBen Hope(J)B Hope(J)Mike Brown  
3John James PrestonJohn James Preston1P32533253John James Preston   6gR533 FtJessica Young-GrantJ Young-GrantJessica Young-Grant  
4Four Starzzz ShirazFour Starzzz Shiraz3924812481Four Starzzz Shiraz   10gR534 FtMark Hurrell(J)M Hurrell(J)Denis O'Connell  
5Razors EdgeRazors Edge5993079307Razors Edge   6gR515 FtJames GeddesJ GeddesJim & James Geddes  
6Serg BlancoSerg Blanco5323312331Serg Blanco   3gR546 FtJohn DunnJ R DunnPaul Kerr  
7Caesar's QuestCaesar's Quest4271327132Caesar's Quest   10gR537 FtLaura McKay(J)L McKay(J)John McDermott  
8Glen Elgin TomsonGlen Elgin Tomson3260336033Glen Elgin Tomson   5gR518 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeKen Barron  
9Scelta UnoScelta Uno4988468846Scelta Uno   7mR549 FtGavin SmithG SmithRobert Stuart  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Kiss The GirlsKiss The Girls3228092809Kiss The Girls   4gR5410 Ft        
11Jenny GumpJenny Gump241984198Jenny Gump   4mR5111 FtRicky MayR MaySimon Adlam  
12BeepsBeeps5446514651Beeps   5gR5012 FtBrent BorcoskieB BorcoskiePeter Holmes  
13Taumata VCTaumata VC2558155815Taumata VC   4mR5313 FtJo HerbertJ HerbertColin & Julie DeFilippi  
14Star ReactorStar Reactor0P01760176Star Reactor   6mR5314 FtGemma Thornley(J)G Thornley(J)Chris Thornley  
15Perfect CutPerfect Cut5342104210Perfect Cut  (E1) 3gR5415 Ft        
Race Number:
Race 10
Race Time:


$8500, 3YO & OLDER R40 TO R49, 1700m

For R40 to R49 pacers. This race was selected on form, as determined by the club.

Participants for Race 10: MAINLAND WOOL PACE
Notifiable Gear Changes: Hope For Love: BL-Off, SL-On, Khaki Nui: SL-On   Legend
Horse Movements: Pembrook Tilly to Dean Taylor at Ladbrooks
1Pembrook TillyPembrook Tilly6900310031Pembrook Tilly   5mR471 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeMurray Pash  
2ReflectionsofmylifeReflectionsofmylife5436723672Reflectionsofmylife   5mR462 FtTerry ChmielT ChmielTerry Chmiel  
3StarkersStarkers2810881088Starkers  (E3) 4gR473 Ft        
4Mayhem In MalibuMayhem In Malibu8810621062Mayhem In Malibu   5gR494 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleyDavid Mitchell  
5MegarockMegarock8429312931Megarock   5gR485 FtGerard O'ReillyG O'ReillyBrian Kerr  
6Mark DunnettMark Dunnett5732213221Mark Dunnett   3gR476 FtJessica Young-GrantJ Young-GrantBruce Negus  
7Delightful GloriaDelightful Gloria80X940X940Delightful Gloria   5mR497 FtKerryn Tomlinson(J)K Tomlinson(J)Steve Allen  
8Hope For LoveHope For Love0330183018Hope For Love   3fR498 FtSheree Tomlinson(J)S Tomlinson(J)Ken Ford  
9Jeremy WellsJeremy Wells3607560756Jeremy Wells  (E1) 4gR429 Ft        
10Classy KidClassy Kid9357345734Classy Kid   8gR4510 FtAmber LethabyA LethabyJason & Amber Lethaby  
11FlamboyantFlamboyant0608400840Flamboyant   9gR4511 FtJo HerbertJ HerbertSue Blake  
12Khaki NuiKhaki Nui4820402040Khaki Nui   5gR4312 FtRay JenkinsR JenkinsJason & Amber Lethaby  
13The DivaThe Diva9078277827The Diva   5mR4513 FtJohn DunnJ R DunnJason & Ian Thomas  
14Bettor Believe ItBettor Believe It3220002000Bettor Believe It   5gR4914 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyColin & Julie DeFilippi  
15SpannaSpanna0094949494Spanna   6gR4515 FtSarah O'Reilly(J)S O'Reilly(J)Alan Sewell  
16Ruby's A DelightRuby's A Delight9331063106Ruby's A Delight   4mR4516 FtRicky MayR MayJohn McDermott  
17Mongolian MarshalMongolian Marshal8310001000Mongolian Marshal  (E2) 4hR4817 Ft        
Race Number:
Race 11
Race Time:


$9000, R45 TO R67 SPECIAL, 3000m

For R45 to R67 trotters. Front: R45 to R54. 10m: R55 to R61. 20m: R62 to R67.

1Global FlightGlobal Flight4400590059Global Flight   5gR491 FtAmber LethabyA LethabyJason & Amber Lethaby  
2Sunnivue PhileahSunnivue Phileah6033003300Sunnivue Phileah   7mR512 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleySteve Ashton  
3Majestic SunsetMajestic Sunset9043004300Majestic Sunset   5gR453 Ft        
4RachmaninovRachmaninov9922552255Rachmaninov   6gR454 FtTrevor GrantT GrantTrevor Grant  
5BK DawnBK Dawn0075007500BK Dawn   9mR455 FtPhilippa WakelinP WakelinPhilippa Wakelin & Stephen Noble  
6MomentousMomentous0557955795Momentous   11gR486 FtGerard O'ReillyG O'ReillyAndrew Garters  
7One Over DoverOne Over Dover0000000000One Over Dover   9gR477 FtCraig ThornleyC D ThornleyBen Waldron  
8Full Of HopeFull Of Hope4926072607Full Of Hope   5mR498 FtPaul NairnP NairnPaul Nairn  
9Rusty I AmRusty I Am0509090909Rusty I Am  (E1) 9gR409 FtJessica Young-GrantJ Young-GrantPhilippa Wakelin & Stephen Noble  
10Take After MeTake After Me5740634063Take After Me   10gR4510 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeFred Scott  
11Boyz InvasionBoyz Invasion3901800180Boyz Invasion   7gR59110mMichael HeenanM HeenanMichael Heenan  
12Ideal InvasionIdeal Invasion0074107410Ideal Invasion   8gR56210mSarah O'Reilly(J)S O'Reilly(J)Joseph Clementson  
13Girls Let LooseGirls Let Loose0813681368Girls Let Loose   6mR59310mRicky MayR MayStuart Sutherland  
14Call This FunCall This Fun0000100010Call This Fun   7mR55410mJason FordJ FordAllan Ford  
15BJ LindennyBJ Lindenny5630153015BJ Lindenny   6gR61510mTerry ChmielT ChmielDennis Bennett  
16Prince RanierPrince Ranier0403100310Prince Ranier   4gR58610mJohn DunnJ R DunnGraeme Telfer  
17Beyond The HorizonBeyond The Horizon4185808580Beyond The Horizon   9gR57710mJustin SmithJ SmithLynn & Justin Smith  
18Sioux PrincessSioux Princess0890749074Sioux Princess   6mR56U110mKerryn Tomlinson(J)K Tomlinson(J)Mark Jones  
19Zsa ZoeZsa Zoe2238403840Zsa Zoe   6mR64120m        
Race Number:
Race 12
Race Time:


$8500, 3YO & OLDER R45 TO R49, 1609m

For R45 to R49 3yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 12: SPEIGHTS MOBILE PACE
Horse Movements: Prop Rock to Robert Dunn at Woodend Beach
1Cab CallowayCab Calloway4338053805Cab Calloway   5gR461 FtBlair OrangeB OrangeKen Barron  
2Paul's VerdictPaul's Verdict9875807580Paul's Verdict  (E2) 9gR452 FtSamantha OttleyS OttleySandra Mounce  
3Speciale UnoSpeciale Uno8009750975Speciale Uno   6mR493 FtRicky MayR MayRobert Stuart  
4JenabellaJenabellaP730253025Jenabella   6mR494 Ft        
5IksakaIksaka2801000100Iksaka   3fR485 FtJohn Morrison(J)J Morrison(J)Chris Chalmers  
6Precious SaraPrecious Sara0536023602Precious Sara   8mR456 FtJohn DunnJ R DunnWayne Robertson  
7Krystal DelightKrystal Delight2686668666Krystal Delight   6mR467 FtBen Hope(J)B Hope(J)Greg & Nina Hope  
8Play By EarPlay By Ear8314591459Play By Ear   5gR478 FtJessica Young-GrantJ Young-GrantBruce Negus  
9AlexyAlexy0267606760Alexy   11gR459 FtMark Hurrell(J)M Hurrell(J)Denis O'Connell  
------------------ Second Line ------------------
10Olde Oak EmmaOlde Oak Emma3754215421Olde Oak Emma   7mR4710 Ft        
11Sense Of OccasionSense Of Occasion2212321232Sense Of Occasion   4gR4811 Ft        
12Judgement BayJudgement Bay8370507050Judgement Bay   4mR4612 FtLeo O'ReillyL O'ReillyChris McDowell  
13Prop RockProp Rock5603310331Prop Rock   5mR4713 FtKorbyn Newman(J)K Newman(J)Penny Fensom  
14Key ReactorKey Reactor2952135213Key Reactor   6gR4614 FtOlivia Thornley(J)O Thornley(J)Joseph Gray  
15Tiger LouTiger Lou9045004500Tiger Lou   4mR4915 FtTim WilliamsT WilliamsJason & Ian Thomas  
16Mongolian MarshalMongolian Marshal8310001000Mongolian Marshal  (E1) 4hR4816 FtSheree Tomlinson(J)S Tomlinson(J)Graham Court  
Runner Index
Alene -  Race 3
Alexy -  Race 12
Am I Dreaming -  Race 8
Antoinette -  Race 4
Ashes Of Desire -  Race 3
Back In Black -  Race 7
Baileys Diamond -  Race 8
Beeps -  Race 9
Bettor Believe It -  Race 10
Beyond The Horizon -  Race 11
BJ Lindenny -  Race 11
BK Dawn -  Race 11
Blitzem Bromac -  Race 4
Bourbon On The Rocks -  Race 1
Boyz Invasion -  Race 11
Brandy And Dry -  Race 1
Break Free -  Race 5
Bromac Hype -  Race 2
Buckingham -  Race 2
Buckskin -  Race 7
Cab Calloway -  Race 12
Caesar's Quest -  Race 9
Cali Franco -  Race 4
Call This Fun -  Race 11
Changeover Jo -  Race 6
Charlie's Ace -  Race 2
Cheekygrin -  Race 4
Cheeky Monkey -  Race 1
Classy Kid -  Race 10
Conquer Me -  Race 6
Cristiano Buccini -  Race 3
Daggy Lamb -  Race 2
Dalness First -  Race 2
Dancemyster -  Race 2
DD's Super Stuart -  Race 5
Delightful Gloria -  Race 10
Dhaulagiri -  Race 7
Dodgethebullet -  Race 7
Don't Write Me Off -  Race 2
Dr Kananga -  Race 3
Duffy Hollow -  Race 9
Ella Of Mot -  Race 1
El Terror -  Race 3
Evidently -  Race 2
Fine By Me -  Race 4
Flamboyant -  Race 10
Four Starzzz Shiraz -  Race 9
Franco Hatton -  Race 2
Full Of Desire -  Race 2
Full Of Hope -  Race 11
Girls Let Loose -  Race 11
Glen Elgin Tomson -  Race 9
Global Flight -  Race 11
Go Marg -  Race 5
Goose Healy -  Race 1
Gypsy -  Race 3
Harbour Queen -  Race 5
Heaven Helpus -  Race 4
Homebush Lad -  Race 7
Hope For Love -  Race 10
Ideal Invasion -  Race 11
Iksaka -  Race 12
Immer Besser -  Race 8
Inquizitive Man -  Race 1
Invisible Girl -  Race 8
Jay Bee And Lou -  Race 1
Jazelle -  Race 8
Jenabella -  Race 12
Jenny Gump -  Race 9
Jeremy Wells -  Race 6 Race 10
John James Preston -  Race 9
Johnny Eyre -  Race 9
Jonty's Brother -  Race 4
Judgement Bay -  Race 12
Kennedy -  Race 2
Key Reactor -  Race 12
Khaki Nui -  Race 10
King Arthur -  Race 3
Kiss The Girls -  Race 9
Krystal Delight -  Race 12
Kusanova -  Race 8
Last Of The Mohicans -  Race 7
Latina Hall -  Race 1
Line A Love -  Race 5
Magical Matty -  Race 6
Majestic Rollon -  Race 5
Majestic Sunset -  Race 5 Race 11
Majestic Upstart -  Race 1
Majorca -  Race 8
Major Collect -  Race 3
Makasar Boy -  Race 7
Maldito -  Race 3
Manhattan -  Race 3
Manjimup -  Race 7
Marciano -  Race 4
Maren Franco -  Race 4
Mark Dunnett -  Race 10
Martha Stuart -  Race 5
Mayhem In Malibu -  Race 10
Megarock -  Race 10
Mikey Maguire -  Race 7
Momentous -  Race 11
Mongolian Marshal -  Race 10 Race 12
Motoring Major -  Race 6
Myshout -  Race 1
Nadira Franco -  Race 2
No Nukes Skipper -  Race 7
Not Really Blonde -  Race 8
Olde Oak Emma -  Race 12
One Over Dover -  Race 11
Owhatanight -  Race 3
Passion And Power -  Race 8
Paul's Verdict -  Race 12
Pembrook Tilly -  Race 10
Perfect Cut -  Race 9
Pete's Dash -  Race 6
Piece Of Gold -  Race 2
Playboy Prince -  Race 6
Play By Ear -  Race 12
Precious Sara -  Race 12
President Pat -  Race 6
Prettyboycoby -  Race 4
Prince Ranier -  Race 11
Prop Rock -  Race 12
Prospect Park -  Race 6
Pure Courage -  Race 4
Queenofdance -  Race 8
Quik Shot -  Race 5
Rachmaninov -  Race 11
Rafa Novak -  Race 6
Razors Edge -  Race 9
Ready I Am -  Race 5
Reflectionsofmylife -  Race 10
Rick Reilly -  Race 6
Rocket Boy(AUS) -  Race 3
Rocknizzy Rulz -  Race 2
Rocknsnap -  Race 8
Rogie Falls -  Race 5
Rollwithit -  Race 4
Rosies Terror -  Race 3
Royal Del -  Race 5
Royal Ruby -  Race 4
Ruby's A Delight -  Race 10
Rusty I Am -  Race 11
Samantha Bee -  Race 1
Scelta Uno -  Race 9
Senorita Margarita -  Race 8
Sense Of Occasion -  Race 12
Serg Blanco -  Race 9
Sheezagoldengirl -  Race 3
She's Tough -  Race 7
Shiffty -  Race 1
Silverlinings -  Race 5
Sioux Princess -  Race 11
Sonic Reign -  Race 6
Sophie -  Race 3
Spanna -  Race 10
Special Dream -  Race 3
Speciale Uno -  Race 12
Spicy Girl Becqui -  Race 6
Starkers -  Race 10
Star Reactor -  Race 9
Summars -  Race 5
Sunnivue Phileah -  Race 11
Superfast Gorsey -  Race 5
Sweet Heaven -  Race 4
Tahir Trouble -  Race 1
Take After Me -  Race 11
Takemybreathaway -  Race 6
Taliesin -  Race 2
Taumata VC -  Race 9
Taurus -  Race 4
Terror Maria -  Race 8
That's Entertainment -  Race 1
The Diva -  Race 10
The Future -  Race 1
This Time Gamble -  Race 5
Tiger Lou -  Race 12
Times Are A Changin -  Race 6
Tinted Stuart -  Race 1
Toobusy Being Famous -  Race 1
Top Hat And Tails -  Race 1
Total Eclipse -  Race 4
Tres Magnifique -  Race 5
Trixton Time -  Race 1
Whole Lotta Rosie -  Race 4
Who Made Who -  Race 8
Woodlea Diego -  Race 6
Yankee Jay -  Race 2
You Can Fly Arden -  Race 2
Zsa Zoe -  Race 11