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Methven Trotting Club Inc

Meeting: SPRING MEETING (Day 1)
Last updated 15/09/2019 at 16:26 pm

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Race Number:
Race 1
Race Time:


$8000, NON-WINNERS, 2400m

Participants for Race 1: WOOLSTON CLUB TROT
1Goose Healy006Goose Healy1FtLeo O'ReillySlowly getting it right but may not like inside draw. Needs to trot throughout.
2Superfast Lad20584XSuperfast Lad2FtSamantha OttleyNear enough in two workouts since resuming. Did OK last term. Place.
3Lady Hillary7Lady Hillary3FtJohn DunnGave a sight in front on debut at Addington. Better for the outing. Threat.
4Dudes StarDudes Star4FtStephen McNallyHeaded but kicked back to win at 28Aug trials. Qualified last Sep. Tote watch.
5Mono Gamble4Mono Gamble5FtTim WilliamsRaced better than her price in a fighting 4th at Addington. Well worth a look.
6Tiptoe Trouble08X0X4Tiptoe Trouble6FtSarah O'Reilly(J)Well held at the Ashburton trials since one-paced 4th 22Aug. Combos fringes.
8Flyin Mandy58297XFlyin Mandy8FtGlenys ChmielBold late to score by 3L at 03Sep trials right here. Grit no issue. Danger.
9Awesome Impee60X032Awesome Impee9FtPhilippa WakelinWarmed up for grass racing with strong Addington placings over winter. Repeat?
10Silver Surfer55Silver Surfer10FtBrent WeaverStill doing things wrong so far, but looks useful. Keep safe for combinations.
11Eilish Hall7Eilish Hall11FtJim CurtinOnly bested by Flyin Mandy at 03Sep trials. Terrific family. Upset hope.
12Best Wishes3Best Wishes12FtColin DeFilippiTicked over with a couple of trials since debut 7.1L 3rd at Rangiora. Combos.
13Maranatha AtlasX54386Maranatha Atlas13FtRicky MayShowed some late dash on an off track at Addington. Manners a query. First4s.
14Moons Way9Moons Way14Ft  
15Tuscan Sun9097XTuscan SunU1Ft  
16Palisade04X272PalisadeU2FtBob ButtWent close with a late swoop from the unruly at Addington. Go again today.
17DD's Super Stuart807052DD's Super StuartU3FtJeremy MarkhamEntitled to an earlier gap at Addington 26Jul. Orari workout winner since. EW.
18Just Another Legend7Just Another LegendU4FtJohn Morrison(J)Broke & pulled up in Flyin Mandy's 03Sep trial. Happy to wait for manners.
Best Bets: Palisade (16),   Awesome Impee (9),   Flyin Mandy (8),   DD's Super Stuart (17)
Star Trialist: Just Another Legend - 1st of 8, Chertsey, 20/08/19, 2400m Stand , WnrsTime: 3-14.5, 800m: 59.1, 400m: 28.2, Margins: 3 len, head, 7 len.
Trainer Changes: Flyin Mandy from Terry & Glenys Chmiel to Terry Chmiel
Gear Changes: Eilish Hall (11): SL-On, Goose Healy (1): BL-Off, Just Another Legend (18): BL-On, Palisade (16): NW-On    Legend
Race Number:
Race 2
Race Time:


$8000, NON-WINNERS 3YO & OLDER, 2400m

For 3yo-&-older pacers.

Participants for Race 2: THE PAPANUI CLUB MOBILE PACE
1Gotta Party Doll350505Gotta Party Doll1FtBrent WeaverUseful when getting clear air at Addington. Draw an assist here. First4s best.
2Motu Cullen07XMotu Cullen2FtTim WilliamsSwamped late after leading at 03Sep trials. May try similar tactics. Top 6 best.
3The TerroristThe Terrorist3FtBlair OrangePicked himself up for 3rd when flat at 28Aug trials. May appreciate the run.
4SomekindawonderfulSomekindawonderful4FtJohn DunnNot asked for much when tidy 2nd at 28Aug trials. His sister can run. Contender.
5Jive7X057Jive5FtCraig ThornleyGot going OK from an awful draw at Forbury. Respect colours in spring. Upset.
6AlbasiniAlbasini6FtMatt AndersonNot far away when 3rd in his 28Aug qualifier. Tricky draw on debut. Take notes.
7Stevie Lynn20Stevie Lynn7FtRobbie CloseCarried wobbly tyre at Oamaru after impressive Rangiora 2nd on debut. Can atone.
8Szybka Lane77868XSzybka Lane8FtGraeme TelferHome in 58.7 to win Timaru trial on Tuesday, but looking for more on raceday.
9Laver5XLaver9FtGerard O'ReillyShowed plenty of bounce when 2nd at 03Sep trials. Can swoop late fresh.
---------------------------- Second Line ----------------------------
10Iron Woman527295Iron Woman10FtJohn Morrison(J)Not all favours at Winton as she keeps chasing her maiden win. Not ideal here.
11Negara59Negara11FtJessica YoungEdged closer at Addington from the 2nd row. Cops the same again. Needs luck.
12Rachel AlexandraRachel Alexandra12Ft  
13Make BelieveMake Believe13FtGavin SmithRun down in front in his Rangiora qualifier. Looks tractable though. First4s.
14Carita80530Carita14FtRicky MayBack to racing after producing satisfactory trial on Wednesday. Watching today.
15My Man RoosterMy Man Rooster15FtSam Payne(J)Poked through at the rear in his 28Aug qualifier. Prefer to watch on debut.
16Silent Rapture840Silent Rapture16Ft  
Best Bets: Somekindawonderful (4),   Laver (9),   Stevie Lynn (7),   Jive (5)
Star Trialist: Szybka Lane - 1st of 2, Timaru, 10/09/19, 2000m Stand , WnrsTime: 2-37.2, 800m: 58.7, 400m: 29.4, Margins: 1/2len.
Gear Changes: Carita (14): RD-Off, Gotta Party Doll (1): BL-Off, SL-On, Laver (9): ACD-On, Szybka Lane (8): SL-Off    Legend
Race Number:
Race 3
Race Time:


$8000, NON-WINNERS 3YO & OLDER, 2400m

1Webs ReactorWebs Reactor1FtSarah O'Reilly(J)Comfortably held when qualifying at Ashburton. Likely to need a few runs.
2Don't Tell Ange256953Don't Tell Ange2FtAnj Mugford(J)Long-time maiden but she's been finding the line well. Combos option in this.
3The Diva009487The Diva3FtBen Laughton(J)Cheeky late from well back at 03Sep trials. Can rediscover form here. Place.
4Mongolian Marshal7X6Mongolian Marshal4FtBlair OrangeTired late on a last 800m of 56.6 at Gore. Strips fitter from that. In the mix.
5Ruby's A DelightRuby's A Delight5FtGerard O'ReillyTook the lane with gusto for strong 2nd at 03Sep trials. Worth a look on debut.
6Alyssa DelightAlyssa Delight6FtBen Hope(J)Knocked off in front at 28Aug trials. Thereabouts otherwise. Watch the tote.
7Standout32Standout7FtJohn Morrison(J)Brings good southern form to this & looks sensible from a stand. Each way.
9El ChapoEl Chapo9FtRicky MayMidfield qualifier in January but flat workouts this time in. On the bench.
10Jacks Anne444355Jacks Anne10FtRobbie HolmesBattled away on the pace at Forbury in last two runs. New quarters. Combos.
11Rafa Novak7X6548Rafa Novak11FtKerryn Tomlinson(J)Mixed bag from a variety of runs over August. First4s with the right passage.
12Street Appeal665Street Appeal12FtGavin SmithHad to wait for his chance at Addington. Early spot is key, but he can threaten.
13Alta Endeavour2Alta Endeavour13FtMatt AndersonGreen but fought well on debut at Gore. Swing in draws, but a contender.
15President Pat6068X0President Pat15Ft  
16The Guild723XThe Guild16FtJohn HayShowed a bit over the autumn. Not far away when 2nd at Orari trials. Watch.
17Darryl Kerrigan0980XDarryl KerriganU1FtLeo O'ReillyHome in 57.0 to win at the Rangiora trials. Struggled over the summer. Passing.
Best Bets: Alta Endeavour (13),   Ruby's A Delight (5),   Street Appeal (12),   Standout (7)
Star Trialist: Darryl Kerrigan - 1st of 7, N Cnty TOA, 28/08/19, 2600m Stand , WnrsTime: 3-20.0, 800m: 57.0, 400m: 29.1, Margins: 1/2 head, 2 1/4len, 2 len.
Trainer Changes: Jacks Anne from Keiron Dance to Robbie Holmes
Gear Changes: Mongolian Marshal (4): BL-Off, Rafa Novak (11): RD-Off, FD-On, Street Appeal (12): BL-On, The Diva (3): BL-Off    Legend
Race Number:
Race 4
Race Time:


$8500, R40 TO R51, R52 TO R55 WITH COND., 2400m

For R40 to R51 trotters. Also R52 to R55 horses with 1 win for lifetime.

Participants for Race 4: KAIAPOI CLUB TROT
1Rogie Falls09X166Rogie Falls1FtMikayla Lewis(J)Not bad in a pair of 6ths since leaving maidens. Can step and nab a place.
2Foreigner3402X9Foreigner2FtGrant HuntCouldn't find extra late fresh at Addington. Slightly easier grade. First4s.
3Dr Cliff700271Dr Cliff3FtBob ButtRounded off July efforts with 11Aug maiden win. Look for him on the pace.
4Stellar Success94578XStellar Success4FtJohn Morrison(J)Winner here back in Feb. 2nd at the Timaru trials on Wednesday. Roughie.
5Don't Rock The Boat003626Don't Rock The Boat5FtSam Thornley(J)Middling 5th at the Rangiora trials since fading late over winter. True odds.
6I'ldoitmyway360050I'ldoitmyway6FtTodd Quate5th at Wednesday's trials since breaking at Addington. Slim stats here. Blowout.
7Deborahs Gem33221XDeborahs Gem7FtMatthew Williamson2nd at Oamaru trials to tighten for this. Looked smart last term. In the mix.
8Ardee Trouble43617PArdee Trouble8FtStephen McNallyGot it horribly wrong at Oamaru. Mixed form prior to that. Prefer to watch.
9Rusty I Am003670Rusty I Am9FtPhilippa WakelinPut aside briefly since bad failure at Rangiora. Can't recommend on that.
10Chasing Great819506Chasing GreatU1FtKevin TownleyBetter at Addington last week after 22Aug failure. Capable but want odds.
11Dolly Jones080080Dolly JonesU2FtKerryn Tomlinson(J)Wednesday's trial no help after dropping out at Addington 22Aug. Passing.
12Boyz Invasion502210Boyz InvasionU3FtMichael HeenanBroke late when looming wide at Addington. 3rd at Timaru trials since. Place.
Best Bets: Deborahs Gem (7),   Dr Cliff (3),   Rogie Falls (1),   Boyz Invasion (12)
Best Mile Rates: Don't Rock The Boat (2-04.7),   Stellar Success (2-06.5),   Rusty I Am (2-06.8)     [races between 2001m and 2400m]
Star Trialist: Ardee Trouble - 1st of 7, M Cant TOA, 06/08/19, 2400m Stand , WnrsTime: 3-11.7, 800m: 58.2, 400m: 27.5, Margins: 1/2 head, neck, 1 3/4len.
Gear Changes: Ardee Trouble (8): P-Off, SL-On, Chasing Great (10): BL-On, Deborahs Gem (7): NW-Off, Dolly Jones (11): BL-Off, Don't Rock The Boat (5): BL-Off, SL-On, Rogie Falls (1): BL-On, Stellar Success (4): BL-Off    Legend
Race Number:
Race 5
Race Time:


$8000, NON-WINNERS, 2400m

Participants for Race 5: LINCOLN CLUB PACE
1Franco Hatton82089XFranco Hatton1FtTerry McMillan4L away in 4th at Ashburton trials 03Sep. Struggled over autumn. Stretched.
2Tiger Moth000385Tiger Moth2FtJohn Morrison(J)Recovered from early break for nice 5th at Addington. Place hope if he steps.
3Just Michael00254XJust Michael3FtLeo O'ReillyMidfield effort at the Ashburton trials. Not the worst in last campaign. Combos.
4Prodigal Guinness26Prodigal Guinness4FtJohn DunnHasn't done much wrong in 2 raceday runs to date. Drawn to be a factor here.
5Conquer Me778Conquer Me5Ft  
6Supreme Lincoln050072Supreme Lincoln6FtSarah O'Reilly(J)Secured her first placing when 2nd at Forbury. This is a bit harder though.
7Jamies Bad Boy06404DJamies Bad Boy7FtSamantha OttleyGot into a bad funk late at Winton. Mixed bag prior, but don't dismiss.
8Krystal Delight0Krystal Delight8FtBen Hope(J)Found early traffic troubles at Addington but battled late. Give another chance.
9Changeover JoChangeover Jo9Ft  
10Emma G380XEmma G10FtGrant ArcherNew quarters after brief & OK campaign last spring. Run under belt will help.
11The ConsultantThe Consultant11FtJim CurtinComfortably covered by rivals when qualifying in June. Happy to take notes.
12Miss Behavin507696Miss Behavin12FtJonny CoxAppreciated Forbury company 01Sep after struggling at Addington. Tote watch.
13Days Of Destiny6X0Days Of Destiny13Ft  
14CambireCambire14FtGavin SmithFaded to 4th when leading up in his 28Aug qualifier. Seeking shortcuts on debut.
15Duke44X479Duke15FtBlair OrangeHasn't quite gone to plan since resuming, but this isn't a deep field. Each way.
16Beau Major6XBeau Major16FtRobbie HolmesBattled away up the trail at 28Aug trials. Won his May qualifier. Don't dismiss.
17Sparkling AnnieSparkling Annie17FtGerard O'ReillyQualified back in May & fair workouts this time in. May need the outing. Odds.
18Just A Smile9Just A Smile18FtRicky MayNever a factor after getting back on debut at Oamaru. Back row might help.
Best Bets: Prodigal Guinness (4),   Duke (15),   Krystal Delight (8),   Jamies Bad Boy (7)
Star Trialist: Sparkling Annie - 2nd of 7, Chertsey, 28/05/19, 2400m Stand , WnrsTime: 3-09.2, 800m: 58.2, 400m: 28.5, Margins: neck, 1 1/4len, 1 len.
Trainer Changes: Emma G from Jason & Amber Lethaby to Bruce Graham
Gear Changes: Emma G (10): SL-Off, Franco Hatton (1): SL-Off, Miss Behavin (12): SL-On    Legend
Race Number:
Race 6
Race Time:


$8500, 4YO & OLDER R40 TO R55 JUN.DRV, 2400m

For R40 to R55 4yo-&-older pacers. This race is for Junior Drivers only. Rating Penalty Free Race.

1Dynamo070949Dynamo1FtBen Laughton(J)Didn't have much left late on a wet Addington track. Should be covered here.
2Dreaminsover566089Dreaminsover2FtLaura McKay(J)Not a completely clear shot at Winton but struggled late. Markers his best go.
3Franco Garrett31Franco Garrett3FtJohn Morrison(J)Never gave the others a shot when winning at Addington. Can repeat for sure.
4Wild Excuse9180XWild Excuse4FtSimon Smith(J)2nd to Copperhead Rose at the Rangiora trials. That franks OK. Blowout fresh.
5King Of Heroes221829King Of Heroes5FtKorbyn Newman(J)Never clear at all at Addington 30Aug & solid form prior. In the mix on that.
6Artfilly Crafted10X673Artfilly Crafted6FtEllie Barron(J)Dug in OK at Forbury & has a knack of finding handy spots. Combos contender.
7Silk343321Silk7FtSheree Tomlinson(J)Delivered on her promise with tactical win at Gore. Should cope with grade rise.
8Victor Tango383185Victor Tango8FtAlana Cameron(J)Battled away up in grade since maiden success. Well back at Ashburton trials.
9Sweeney Todd2391P4Sweeney Todd9FtBen Hope(J)Tried hard after landing parked at Addington. Has some tricks, but can place.
10Pembrook Blue94180XPembrook Blue10FtSarah O'Reilly(J)Not sighted since a 10th in March. Not suited by track change. Will need this.
11Portalegre423X10Portalegre11FtMark Hurrell(J)Didn't help his cause up in grade at Addington 30Aug by overracing. Can atone.
12Rainy River25805XRainy River12FtKerryn Tomlinson(J)Smattering of midfield efforts at trials to prepare for this. Looking to others.
13Ascalabus34X31Ascalabus13FtDarren Keast(J)Effortless in winning his maiden at Addington 22Aug. Keep very safe again.
14Jonty James908425Jonty James14FtSam Thornley(J)Putting in solid shifts over the winter, but cops another tough draw. First4s.
15Sister's Delight31309XSister's DelightU1FtOlivia Thornley(J)Unflattering workouts & trials since resuming. Prefer to watch for clean start.
Best Bets: Franco Garrett (3),   Silk (7),   Portalegre (11),   Ascalabus (13)
Best Mile Rates: King Of Heroes (2-03.4),   Pembrook Blue (2-06.4),   Jonty James (2-09.4)     [races between 2001m and 2400m]
Gear Changes: Ascalabus (13): BL-On, Silk (7): BL-Off, Sister's Delight (15): ACD-On, Wild Excuse (4): BL-Off, SL-On    Legend
Race Number:
Race 7
Race Time:


$9000, R50 & FASTER DISCRETIONARY, 2400m

For R50 & faster pacers.

1Canardly Remember49704XCanardly Remember1FtMikayla Lewis(J)Just the one workout for this since trialling in May. Could find this tough.
2Cathy Brown832118Cathy Brown2FtSamantha OttleyMay not have appreciated the short turnaround at Oamaru. Include in combos.
3Matt Damon2111Matt Damon110Matt AndersonHe's a star attraction with 3 straight wins. Can get his name in lights again.
4Arocknatthepark227613Arocknatthepark210Gavin SmithSolid late dash to secure 3rd in R61-80 company at Addington. Combos must.
5The Valiant38378XThe Valiant310Ineka LeePreferred on grass, & slightly unflattering trials form this term. True odds.
6Only In America41143Only In America410John Morrison(J)Earplugs go in after proving tricky at Addington. Great little formline. EW.
7Norman Richards2311XNorman Richards510John HayTalented type when right, but been off the scene for 2 years. Better for this.
8Flamboyant115680Flamboyant610Ben Laughton(J)Peaked on his winter form & was down in grade at Addington. Not for us.
9Shadow Minister936378Shadow Minister710Leo O'ReillyCouldn't maintain his speed in front at Oamaru. First look here. First4s best.
10Homebush LadP8X172Homebush Lad120Ben Hope(J)Just yielded to Storm Prince at Oamaru. Arguably an easier bunch here. Threat.
11Unico Legend47X477Unico Legend220Ricky MaySlight freshen up since middling winter campaign. 3rd 11Sep trials. True odds.
12Clasina Maria11076XClasina Maria140  
Best Bets: Matt Damon (3),   Homebush Lad (10),   Only In America (6)
Best Mile Rates: Only In America (2-02.6),   Unico Legend (2-04.2),   Arocknatthepark (2-05.9)     [races between 2001m and 2400m]
Trainer Changes: The Valiant from John Hay to Ineka Lee
Gear Changes: Only In America (6): RD-On, Shadow Minister (9): BL-Off, SL-On    Legend
Race Number:
Race 8
Race Time:


$9000, R53 TO R60, 2400m

For R53 to R60 pacers. Preferential Barrier Draw Based on: Rating using the Mt Harding Racecourse track Grid.

Participants for Race 8: OXFORD CLUB MOBILE PACE
1Bush Man18234XBush Man1FtJohn DunnRelished his move north last season. Not sighted publicly since June. Threat.
2Iknow08213XIknow2FtJohn HayNabbed a couple of wins at the Orari workouts. Should need this. True odds.
3Essence Of Easton9086X4Essence Of Easton3FtRicky MaySteady enough fresh at Oamaru but would have preferred the grass. Combos.
5Ardent Lustre609253Ardent Lustre5FtRobbie HolmesReturned from southern sojourn with brave 3rd. Only missed one placing here.
6KardeslerX16707Kardesler6FtTim WilliamsStruggling to get too close behind Matt Damon in last 2 runs. Needs luck.
7Frankie Jones3194X0Frankie Jones7FtMatthew WilliamsonCouldn't find more at Addington but not a mile away. Strips fitter. First4s.
8Doctor TimX74955Doctor Tim8FtGerard O'ReillyCreeping back to the consistent form he's known for. Likes the grit. Consider.
9Sounds Lika Gem691885Sounds Lika Gem9FtLeo O'ReillySteady 5th at Addington 22Aug but leaner stats here in 5 goes. Rough place hope.
---------------------------- Second Line ----------------------------
10Rollova01X398Rollova10FtBob ButtProduced a smidgen late last week at Addington. Awkward alley though.
11Leading The Way081390Leading The Way11FtJohn Morrison(J)Old campaigner proving tricky to follow & slim pickings here. Coin toss today.
12Proactor524815Proactor12FtJim CurtinHome in 58.3 to win 03Sep trial here & all-weather may be his go. Combos.
13Mr Midnight19585XMr Midnight13FtSarah O'Reilly(J)Meeting transfer not ideal for him. Unplaced in sole workout for this. Odds.
14God Only Knows969270God Only Knows14FtGavin SmithDidn't have all favours early at Addington 22Aug. May have preferred the grass.
Best Bets: Bush Man (1),   Doctor Tim (8),   Proactor (12)
Best Mile Rates: Ardent Lustre (1-57.8),   Doctor Tim (2-00.6),   Mr Midnight (2-00.7)     [races between 2001m and 2400m]
Star Trialist: Proactor - 1st of 5, Chertsey, 03/09/19, 2400m Mobile, WnrsTime: 2-56.4, 800m: 58.3, 400m: 28.5, Margins: 1 len, 15 len, 2 1/2len.
Gear Changes: Doctor Tim (8): BL-Off, SL-On, Leading The Way (11): SL-Off, Mr Midnight (13): SL-Off, Rollova (10): SL-On    Legend
Race Number:
Race 9
Race Time:


$9000, R52 TO R70 DISCRETIONARY, 2400m

For R52 to R70 trotters.

Participants for Race 9: OAMARU CLUB HANDICAP TROT
1Momentous77X534Momentous1FtSamantha OttleyTapped into a tidy vein of form since resuming. 5 placings here. Combos today.
2Take After Me00490XTake After Me2FtRoss HoughtonNothing public since April. One placing in three looks here. Take notes.
3Ali Lindenny95088XAli Lindenny3FtJohn DunnKept giving to get 3rd at 28Aug trials. 2 wins in a fresh state. Upset hope.
4Neverneverland822844NeverneverlandU1FtColin DeFilippiJust peaking at the top of the straight in his recent efforts. First4 fringes.
5Beyond The HorizonX84808Beyond The Horizon110Leo O'ReillyOnly bested by Oscar Bonavena at 03Sep trials. Form prior just fair. Combos.
6Ideal Invasion905D30Ideal Invasion210Sarah O'Reilly(J)Didn't help his cause early at Addington. Yet to feature here. Needs favours.
7Missie Castleton81082XMissie Castleton310Ricky MayBetter suited to all-weather but has placed here. Distant 4th 20Aug trials.
8One Over Dover38590XOne Over Dover410  
9We'll Meet Again95570XWe'll Meet Again120Justin SmithFinished off well behind Oscar Bonavena 03Sep trials. 2 placings here. Threat.
10Renezmae005976Renezmae220Robbie CloseNow with Regan Todd but was creeping back towards form. Look for her late.
Best Bets: We'll Meet Again (9),   Renezmae (10),   Beyond The Horizon (5),   Momentous (1)
Best Mile Rates: Missie Castleton (2-06.7),   Ideal Invasion (2-06.9),   We'll Meet Again (2-07.5)     [races between 2001m and 2400m]
Star Trialist: Beyond The Horizon - 2nd of 6, Chertsey, 03/09/19, 2400m Stand , WnrsTime: 3-10.0, 800m: 58.0, 400m: 27.4, Margins: 3 len, 1 len, 2 1/2len.
Trainer Changes: Renezmae from Jack Harrington to Regan Todd
Gear Changes: Ideal Invasion (6): BL-Off, Neverneverland (4): P-Off, Take After Me (2): NW-Off, SL-On    Legend
Horse Movements: Take After Me to Ross Houghton at Swannanoa
Race Number:
Race 10
Race Time:


$8500, R40 TO R52, 2400m

For R40 to R52 pacers. Preferential Barrier Draw Based on: Rating using the Mt Harding Racecourse track Grid.

1Flyingmasterwilliams087478Flyingmasterwilliams1FtLeo O'ReillyWrapped up OK at Oamaru. Fitness no worry & can sneak First4s from #1.
2Martin John009560Martin John2FtTerry ChmielStruggled in R40-48 grade at Addington but better draw here. Not the worst.
3Betstars Blue Jean2567X8Betstars Blue Jean3FtJonny CoxLast at Oamaru but lacked space in the run home. Can add spice to multiples.
4Jungle Gem121499Jungle Gem4FtBrent BorcoskieStruggled on the grit at Addington in August. Needing a confidence boost here.
5Tact Denzel805197Tact Denzel5FtRory McIlwrickBattled OK at Winton in similar company. Will need a lot of luck to feature.
6Snow Printz080227Snow Printz6FtBen Hope(J)Entitled to do much better from the trail at Oamaru. Give another chance.
7Unico Enchantress5P3282Unico Enchantress7FtBlair OrangeBrings more form than most into this. New venue a query but right in this.
8Friend923346Friend8FtRicky MayCan't fault his last furlong or two in recent outings. This is within his range.
9Bakari655948Bakari9FtGavin SmithOne-paced at Addington, but showed a bit late at Rangiora. Upset place hope.
---------------------------- Second Line ----------------------------
10Melt Down504075Melt Down10FtJohn Morrison(J)Plugged on fairly at Forbury from trail. Should get soft trip. First4s best.
11Swap Over50349XSwap Over11FtMikayla Lewis(J)No public hitouts since April. Lean fresh record as well a query. Passing.
12Motoring Major784298Motoring Major12FtJim CurtinFailed to round out his Addington assignments in August. Seeking shortcuts.
13Jetenara508007Jetenara13FtGerard O'ReillyNever really settled at Oamaru. Big form reversal required to feature today.
14That Alexander Guy315965That Alexander Guy14FtRobbie CloseGot home well for 5th at Addington after looming wide. Can use similar tactics.
Best Bets: Unico Enchantress (7),   Friend (8),   Snow Printz (6),   That Alexander Guy (14)
Best Mile Rates: Bakari (1-57.8),   Martin John (1-58.4),   That Alexander Guy (1-58.7)     [races between 2001m and 2400m]
Gear Changes: Betstars Blue Jean (3): SL-On, Jungle Gem (4): RD-On, Martin John (2): SL-Off, BL-On    Legend
Runner Index
Albasini -  Race 2
Ali Lindenny -  Race 9
Alta Endeavour -  Race 3
Alyssa Delight -  Race 3
Ardee Trouble -  Race 4
Ardent Lustre -  Race 8
Arocknatthepark -  Race 7
Artfilly Crafted -  Race 6
Ascalabus -  Race 6
Awesome Impee -  Race 1
Bakari -  Race 10
Beau Major -  Race 5
Best Wishes -  Race 1
Betstars Blue Jean -  Race 10
Beyond The Horizon -  Race 9
Boyz Invasion -  Race 4
Bush Man -  Race 8
Cambire -  Race 5
Canardly Remember -  Race 7
Carita -  Race 2
Cathy Brown -  Race 7
Changeover Jo -  Race 5
Chasing Great -  Race 4
Clasina Maria -  Race 7
Conquer Me -  Race 5
Darryl Kerrigan -  Race 3
Days Of Destiny -  Race 5
DD's Super Stuart -  Race 1
Deborahs Gem -  Race 4
Doctor Tim -  Race 8
Dolly Jones -  Race 4
Don't Rock The Boat -  Race 4
Don't Tell Ange -  Race 3
Dr Cliff -  Race 4
Dreaminsover -  Race 6
Dudes Star -  Race 1
Duke -  Race 5
Dynamo -  Race 6
Eilish Hall -  Race 1
El Chapo -  Race 3
Emma G -  Race 5
Essence Of Easton -  Race 8
Excite -  Race 1
Flamboyant -  Race 7
Flyingmasterwilliams -  Race 10
Flyin Mandy -  Race 1
Foreigner -  Race 4
Franco Garrett -  Race 6
Franco Hatton -  Race 5
Frankie Jones -  Race 8
Friend -  Race 10
Fusitua -  Race 3
Genelis -  Race 3
God Only Knows -  Race 8
Goose Healy -  Race 1
Gotta Party Doll -  Race 2
Homebush Lad -  Race 7
Ideal Invasion -  Race 9
Iknow -  Race 8
I'ldoitmyway -  Race 4
Iron Woman -  Race 2
Jacks Anne -  Race 3
Jamies Bad Boy -  Race 5
Jetenara -  Race 10
Jive -  Race 2
Jonty James -  Race 6
Jungle Gem -  Race 10
Just Another Legend -  Race 1
Just A Smile -  Race 5
Just Michael -  Race 5
Kardesler -  Race 8
King Of Heroes -  Race 6
Krystal Delight -  Race 5
Lady Hillary -  Race 1
Laver -  Race 2
Leading The Way -  Race 8
Make Believe -  Race 2
Maranatha Atlas -  Race 1
Martin John -  Race 10
Matt Damon -  Race 7
Melt Down -  Race 10
Miss Behavin -  Race 5
Missie Castleton -  Race 9
Momentous -  Race 9
Mongolian Marshal -  Race 3
Mono Gamble -  Race 1
Moons Way -  Race 1
Motoring Major -  Race 10
Motu Cullen -  Race 2
Mr Midnight -  Race 8
My Man Rooster -  Race 2
Negara -  Race 2
Neverneverland -  Race 9
Norman Richards -  Race 7
One Over Dover -  Race 9
Only In America -  Race 7
Overarm -  Race 8
Palisade -  Race 1
Pembrook Blue -  Race 6
Portalegre -  Race 6
President Pat -  Race 3
Proactor -  Race 8
Prodigal Guinness -  Race 5
Rachel Alexandra -  Race 2
Rafa Novak -  Race 3
Rainy River -  Race 6
Renezmae -  Race 9
Rogie Falls -  Race 4
Rollova -  Race 8
Ruby's A Delight -  Race 3
Rusty I Am -  Race 4
Shadow Minister -  Race 7
Silent Rapture -  Race 2
Silk -  Race 6
Silver Surfer -  Race 1
Sister's Delight -  Race 6
Snow Printz -  Race 10
Somekindawonderful -  Race 2
Sounds Lika Gem -  Race 8
Sparkling Annie -  Race 5
Standout -  Race 3
Stellar Success -  Race 4
Stevie Lynn -  Race 2
Street Appeal -  Race 3
Superfast Lad -  Race 1
Supreme Lincoln -  Race 5
Swap Over -  Race 10
Sweeney Todd -  Race 6
Szybka Lane -  Race 2
Tact Denzel -  Race 10
Take After Me -  Race 9
That Alexander Guy -  Race 10
The Consultant -  Race 5
The Diva -  Race 3
The Guild -  Race 3
The Terrorist -  Race 2
The Valiant -  Race 7
Tiger Moth -  Race 5
Tiptoe Trouble -  Race 1
Tuscan Sun -  Race 1
Unico Enchantress -  Race 10
Unico Legend -  Race 7
Victor Tango -  Race 6
Webs Reactor -  Race 3
We'll Meet Again -  Race 9
Wild Excuse -  Race 6