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NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club Inc at Addington RacewayFriday, 28 July 2017  
Club:NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club Inc at Addington Raceway
Track:Good, Fast
Rail:Not applicable
Stewards:N Ydgren (Chairman), L Tidmarsh, P Lamb
Veterinarian:Dr M L Bonner DVM
Pre-race blood testing was carried out.

Driver J Harrington admitted a charge pursuant to Rule 505(1) in that on the 21st July 2017 he placed a win bet on DIANA HARBOUR when he was engaged to drive the mare. After considering submissions on penalty the JCA imposed a fine of $650.
NZ Metro TC - Friday, 21st July 2017
Stewards questioned driver D Dunn regarding the manner he drove MASTER MOONLITE during the race with particular regard to him not activating the removable deafeners in the home straight. Mr Dunn explained that at its most previous start the horse had been held up until the early stages of the run home and had produced a strong sprint when placed under pressure. For this reason, he elected not to improve his position until near the 300 metres as he was confident of out-sprinting CULLENBURN in the home straight. Mr Dunn added that the horse had paced roughly on the final bend after being shifted wider on the track and again passing the 100 metres after striking its knee resulting in him having to steady MASTER MOONLITE and lose momentum which he felt had cost the horse the race.
After considering the explanation of Mr Dunn and reviewing the replays, Stewards were satisfied Mr Dunn's actions were reasonable in the circumstances and took the matter no further.
Protests:   Race 3SAY YOUR PRES (2nd Placing)
[Rule 870(5) & Breaking Horse Regs] - Breaking over concluding stages and lapped on. Relegated to 3rd place by the JCA.
Suspensions: Nil
Fines: Nil
Warnings: Nil
Bleeders: Nil
Horse Actions:Race 2DONEGAL LUCY ANNE - Warned Mobiles
 Race 2JUNGLE GEM - Horse Fell - Stood Down 1 Trial
 Race 2JUNGLE GEM - Veterinary Clearance Required
 Race 2YUKON CLOUD - Warned Performance
 Race 3DIANA HARBOUR - Veterinary Clearance Required
 Race 5EL CAPITAN - Final Warning Mobiles
 Race 5JODY DIREEN - Horse Fell - Stood Down 1 Trial
 Race 5JODY DIREEN - Veterinary Clearance Required
 Race 6REAZA GRUNTER - Ineligible Racing Manners - Stood Down 1 Trial
Medical Certificates: Nil
Driver Changes: Nil
Late Scratchings:Race 2SHEBANG - at 2.50 pm on Veterinary advice
 Race 2LIFE LAVROS - at 4.55 pm on Veterinary advice
Scratching Penalties:Ineligible from 29/07/2017 until 02/08/2017 inclusive (5 days):
 Exceptional Circumstances:
Race Comments
Race 1IRT MOBILE TROTVideo  Video 
TEHORO NOVA - over-raced for a distance near the 1500 metres when attempting to surrender the lead. Trotted roughly and lost ground on the final bend. Broke when attempting to access the passing lane near the 250 metres.
GIRLZ N BOYZ - when spoken to regarding the mare's seemingly disappointing performance, trainer/driver C McDowell explained he had been forced to work harder than he anticipated to obtain the lead due to TEHORO NOVA over-racing which had led to it racing below expectations.
SUNRISE SPUR - held up on the final bend.
THANK U GEORGE - trotted roughly during the score up and broke for approximately 50 metres shortly after the start. Lay in under pressure throughout the run home.
MOY - raced roughly in the early stages.
MISSALYSSA - out of position and then broke shortly after the start. Broke passing the 200 metres.
DONEGAL LUCY ANNE - hung outwards and paced roughly through the early stages losing ground in consequence. A warning was placed on the filly's barrier record.
GWENDOLINE RUBY - lay outwards under pressure throughout the home straight.
I'VE GOT A LONG FACE - when questioned regarding the improved performance, trainer/driver R Holmes advised that he had been pleased with the filly's recent workout performance where on that occasion he had driven it in a more prominent position. Mr Holmes further advised that I'VE GOT A LONG FACE derived benefit from being driven in this manner tonight and would endeavour to drive the filly this way in future where circumstances permit.
YUKON CLOUD - over-raced in the early stages when positioned to the outside of the leader. Compounded from the 600 metres and was distanced at the finishing line. A warning was placed on the mare's racing performance.
JUNGLE GEM - raced roughly in the early stages and had to be steadied. Broke approaching the first bend. Over-raced near the 1100 metres and hung outwards causing driver K Butt some difficulty. Raced roughly passing the 500 metres and when doing so cast a bell boot with the filly falling to the track soon after dislodging driver K Butt. K Butt advised that the filly had raced roughly throughout which she believed was a result of it cross-firing. A post-race veterinary examination showed lameness in the right hind. K Butt was attended to by St John personnel and cleared to continue driving. The connections were advised the filly had been stood down pending a veterinary clearance and a satisfactory trial.
DYNAMO - hampered shortly after the start and broke in consequence.
BELMONT'S GREATEST - over-raced in the middle stages.
SAY YOUR PRES - despite the urgings of driver M Jones was unable to take up its position by the candy pole. Broke with 20 metres remaining and was lapped on when crossing the finishing line by ALVIRA HEST. Trainer/driver M Jones did not contest the protest with the filly relegated to 3rd placing by the JCA.
DIANA HARBOUR - broke when being improved forward to a leading position near the 900 metres. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a suspected pastern and/or pedal bone crack. The connections were advised that a veterinary clearance is required prior to DIANA HARBOUR racing next.
GOT A BEAUTY - broke at the start.
BISHOP BRIAN - began awkwardly and got back as a result. Hampered near the 800 metres having to shift ground to avoid a breaking runner.
RAINY RIVER - hampered near the 800 metres having to shift ground to avoid a breaking runner.
VERDUN - began awkwardly losing ground. Broke racing towards the 800 metres.
RUSSIAN EXPRESS - over-raced in the middle stages. Held up near the 150 metres and then broke when being shifted outwards to obtain clear running. Stewards questioned driver S Payne regarding his decision not to continue to shift outwards near the 300 metres but instead attempt a run to the inside of TAKE AFTER ME leading to his runner being held up for a short distance. Mr Payne advised that he had recognised the parked horse shift outwards prior to the bend leaving him to think that gelding would continue to do so meaning he would gain a run to the inside without having to cover extra ground on the final bend. When this did not eventuate his runner had begun to race fiercely causing him some difficulty and galloping in consequence. After considering the explanation of Mr Payne Stewards deemed his explanation to be reasonable and took the matter no further.
LIVING LEGEND - over-raced in the middle stages.
RAPHOE - held up for a distance passing the 500 metres when trailing a weakening runner.
WAR HORSE - raced wide in the early stages. Compounded from the 500 metres hampering RAPHOE. Stewards questioned driver T Quate regarding his drive between the 1800 metres and 1650 metres when making a sustained and unsuccessful attempt to wrest the lead from NO MORE CHANGE. Mr Quate explained it had been his intention to settle the horse further back in the field however due to it over-racing in the early stages he had been left racing parked. Mr Quate said that he felt his runner would be unsuited to this position so attempted to take the lead which he felt was available however when his horse improved ahead of NO MORE CHANGE it dropped the bit and was unable to continue. Mr Quate added that he had been disappointed with his gelding's efforts and it was the stable's intention to send the horse for a freshen up. Stewards advised Mr Quate that in future it was expected he make a better assessment of the situation however in these circumstances took the matter no further.
MELINA LOWE - broke for a short distance near the 2100 metres. When spoken to regarding this driver B Orange explained that he had been shifted inwards by JODY DIREEN and failed to handle this shift breaking for a short distance in consequence.
ESPECIAL - raced wide for a considerable distance in the middle stages before being taken forwards to lead near the 1200 metres.
EL CAPITAN - out of position at the start. When spoken to driver M Anderson explained the gelding had hung and raced roughly with a final warning placed on its barrier record.
PLAYBOY PRINCE - hampered near the 1100 metres.
PANTASTIC - the rein pricker was removed prior to the start.
JODY DIREEN - over-raced throughout. Removed from the event near the 1200 metres after choking down and fell to the track soon after. A post-race veterinary examination showed a superficial abrasion to the right hock. The connections were advised that a veterinary clearance and one satisfactory trial are required prior to the filly resuming.
REAZA GRUNTER - over-raced early stages. Near the 1400 metres driver S Payne attempted to take a stronger grip on the reins but was unable to prevent his filly from improving into the passing lane and then racing fiercely through towards the lead locking wheels with MACHIE MACH in the process near the 1300 metres. As a result interference was caused to runners holding a forwards position. After speaking with S Payne the connections were advised that the filly was stood down pending a satisfactory trial.
MACHIE MACH - shifted into the passing lane near the 1400 metres when driver M Anderson was making an attempt to keep REAZA GRUNTER from contacting his sulky wheel. Locked wheels with REAZA GRUNTER near the 1300 metres and was dragged forwards to the lead. M Anderson (assisted by Senior Horseman R Holmes) was questioned as to whether he could have made a better effort to ensure his runner did not shift into the passing lane at the 1400 metres with this matter being adjourned until extra films could be viewed.
GABBY'S STAR - hampered near the 1300 metres losing its racing position. Trainer/driver R Holmes reported that despite this he had been disappointed with the gelding's performance and that he would have blood tests taken in the coming days and undertook to advise Stewards of the results.
HYPERVELOCITY - hampered near the 1200 metres losing its leading position having to race in the parked position for the final 900 metres.
CHRISTOPHER BANNER - hung inwards on the final bend.
ALPHA ROCK - lost its trailing position near the 1200 metres and over-raced for some distance thereafter. Held up on the final bend. Driver N Purdon will be spoken to in the coming days regarding the manner he drove on the final bend when crowding the racing room of REAZA GRUNTER with that runner striking several pylons.
SCOTLYNN MACH - over-raced in the middle stages. Driver M Jones struck by a pylon on the final bend.
FOR THE CORZ - held up on the final bend.
WOODLEA SHAWN - held up on the final bend.
MIKEY MAGUIRE - over-raced middle stages.
DONEGAL BETTORGRETCH - broke at the start then settled for a short distance before breaking again losing further ground.
HARRYSUL - hung inwards throughout. Lost contact with the field between the 1500 metres and the 600 metres. Raced roughly on the bend near the 300 metres when held up. When spoken to regarding the gelding's performance, driver C DeFilippi explained that he was not overly disappointed with it's effort considering the 40 metre handicap deficit it was required to make up.
THE TIN SOLDIER - over-raced early and middle stages. Raced unnecessarily wide on the final bend. Hung inwards in the home straight prior to breaking near the 100 metres. Driver M Williamson explained that the gelding was very green and had broken due to cross-firing.
REVVING - out of position at dispatch despite the efforts of driver G Smith.
MAGICAL MATTY - raced wide in the early stages.